5 Great Toys for a Teething Baby

Friday, 18 June 2021  |  The Baby Hamper Company

5 Great Toys for a Teething Baby

It can be heartbreaking to see your baby struggling with new teeth. Thankfully there are teething toys to help your baby along.

The first year of any baby’s life is a period of continual change. One minute they’re sweet, serene, butter wouldn’t melt. The next minute, they’re screaming and seemingly distraught. It’s not always immediately apparent what’s causing a baby’s mystery. Sometimes they’re hungry. Sometimes they need a change. Sometimes they’re too warm. But sometimes, it’s because your poor little one is dealing with growing teeth, and they have no real way of soothing themselves or asking for help.

Teething can be a trying time for parents. It’s heartbreaking to see your baby struggling with pain, but it can also affect sleep and their general temperament. However, there are a few ways to help babies with teething, one of which involves teething toys.

Teething toys come in various shapes and sizes, and every year, they become more effective. The right teether can be a lifesaver for you and your baby. Let’s look at five terrific teethers and why we recommend them.

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1. Matchstick Monkey Mini

Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy 


Did you know babies need to chew and bite to cut their teeth? So teethers are an important tool to massage gums, give them some relief, and encourage tooth growth. Most babies begin teething between the ages of 6 and 12 months. This means that the most critical thing for teethers is that they don’t represent a choking hazard. Secondly, you want them to be bright and cheerful while also perfectly tailored to tiny little hands. 

This funky green baby teething toy by Brand Matchstick Monkey is tactile and full of interesting textures for tiny hands, featuring lots of lumps and bumps, perfect for soothing little gums, but also great for little hands to explore. On top of that, the little monkey has a happy little grin your baby will love. On top of that, this teething toy features a BioCote Antimicrobial Technology to help keep the teether hygienically clean.

For extra relief, we recommend popping this little monkey in the fridge — the cool material will do that little bit more to soothe your little one’s gums.

2. Taf Toys Kimmy Koala Rattle Teether

Taf Toys Kimmy Koala Rattle Teether 


This teether and rattle in one is always a bit hit with babies. Kimmy the Koala is a cheerful soul, and babies appear to react well to him! As well as Kimmy’s happy little face, the teether has texture in the form of multi-coloured tabs. The teether can also be used as a rattle, as it contains brightly coloured beads inside the teether itself.

3. Lamaze Freddy the Firefly Sensory Toy

Lamaze Freddy the firefly 


Freddy the sensory toy, is created with soft velour for delicate skin. As a Lamaze toy, it's also got many classic features, including the satisfying crinkle babies love, a variety of textures and colours, and a little mirror in the butterfly's wing. On top of this, there is a ladybird teether and knotted antenna that your baby can chew on to relieve their gums. This teether is a surefire favourite for many, and it's convenient as you can easily hook it onto a cot, car seat or stroller.

4. Skip Hop Silver Lining Moon Stroller Toy

Skip Hop Moon Stroller rattle 


The Skip Hop Silver Lining Moon teether is a gorgeous neutral grey teether, and it's perfect for anyone going for a moon and stars-themed nursery. As with Kimmy above, this teether is also a rattle. It's also got some rings attached to it for your baby to chew on, as well as a third bumpy, textured teether that will offer great relief to swollen gums.

5. Taf Toys Paul The Bear

Taf Toys Paul the bear 


Who doesn't love a polar bear? Paul the Bear is a teether that is not only adorable but colourful and texture-filled. It's got a rattle, tabs and a scarf for your baby to pull on. Paul is the perfect size for tiny hands and can be easily adhered to a pram or cot.

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