Green Baby Sleep Gown Alternative by The Baby Hamper Company

Monday, 27 October 2014  |  The Baby Hamper Company

We used to stock a range of products from the organic baby range 'Green Baby'. One of their best selling and mostGreen Baby Organic Sleep Gown in white Green Baby Organic productspopular items was their plain white sleep gown.

What is a Sleep Gown?

Sleep gowns are an American concept, and basically, they are a sleepsuit with no legs just an open elasticated bottom. This feature not only keeps baby cosy and warm but allows for really easy changing, even in the depths of the night. Anyone with a newborn baby will know that this is an excellent feature to have on a piece of new baby clothes.

Sadly in October, 2012 Green Baby ceased trading and we were unable to get hold of these little gems. 

Launching our new baby clothing range in July 2014, we just had to bring back an alternative to the previouslyBaby Bunting Newborn clothes stocked sleep gown. Here we have the Baby Bunting Sleep Gown in white. It is made from 100% un-dyed Organic cotton and is available in size 0-3 months.

To add to the range of sleep gowns we also introduced two more unisex designs; a red, white and blue star print and stripe.

Baby Bunting Boys Stripe Sleep GownBaby Bunting Sleep Gown for Girls

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