How to Create An Office Money Collection for a Baby Gift

Tuesday, 7 July 2020  |  The Baby Hamper Company


This week we were asked the following question -

"Hi there, a possibly strange question. We have a very popular colleague heading off to have her first baby. As we are all remote from the offices atm, with no sign of going back before her Maternity leave begins, I'm trying to find a way to create an Online collection. Is there a way that people could "pay in" to an account, in order for me to then select a gift on behalf of everyone?" 

This got us thinking, it must be a problem for lots of colleagues and coworkers who want to club together to get their friend a baby gift when they leave for maternity leave. But just how do you go about doing this?

In a cashless society along with very few office's currently operational during the COVID-19 pandemic, creating a gift kitty feels like a pretty difficult task to undertake.

After a little bit of research and looking around at different options, we think we have come up with the perfect solution for a online gift wallet to purchase the perfect baby present. :)

Step 1 - Paypal Pools

The easier way to collect your funds from multiple sources would be to use the Paypal Pools tool. Simply login to your Paypal account and click the 'Create a Pool Button. In the 'Set your goal' section, create a name for your pool and set a goal amount. You can create a date that the pool closes if required - it might be a good idea with a new baby gift as you don't want the child to be 2 years old by the time the new parents get their gift!

Paypal Pools set up baby gifts

Step 2 - Collection Amount

The next page asks for home much you would like to collect. A good rule of thumb is that most colleagues will usually donate between £10 and £20 for a group gift. You can either ask for an exact amount such as £10 each or some might prefer to give more than others so you could select a minimum amount .

Paypal colleague gift collection

Step 3 - Description

The next step is to add a description to your pool. Here you add a title as to who the gift is for and in the description link add a clickable link to the baby hamper you were looking to purchase, so that everyone can see what the fund is going towards. Your friends don't even need a Paypal account, as they can chip in with any credit or debit card.

Online colleague baby gift collection

Some great choices for group funded baby hampers are - 



Step 4 - Share

Once the description has been added, you click 'Publish' and 'Share'. Paypal then gives you a clickable link to add to an email to share with your office colleagues to collect funds. You will get an email each time someone contributes and also when you have reached your target.

Colleague baby gift fund collection



Step 5 - Time to go Shopping

Once you have all the funds in place, you can then go shopping for your beautiful new baby gift at The Baby Hamper Company! During the checkout, select Paypal as the payment type and then you can simply select your collection funds from the payment choice within Paypal.

Voila - easy online group kitty collections!

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