How To Pick The Perfect Gifts For A New Mum And Baby

Monday, 23 September 2019  |  The Baby Hamper Company

How to pick a perfect new mum and baby gift

Whether you’ve just received your invite for a baby shower or you’re thinking of ways to treat a new mother and baby, gifts are a great way to celebrate a little arrival. Here, June Neocleous from contemporary jewellery gift retailer Gift and Wrap gives us her expert recommendations to help you pick out the perfect present for a new mum.

The arrival of a new baby is incredibly exciting and you’re going to want to spoil your friend’s or family member’s little one as much as you can. Plus, the mother will deserve a treat, too. So, why not give her a gift? Whether you’re looking to contribute to baby supplies or want to get something just for her, I’ll be giving you my expert advice for gifting to new mums and babies.

Gifts for the baby

Awaiting the arrival of a little one can take a lot of preparation, so there’s no doubt that the new mum will appreciate a helping hand in getting everything together. Think of practical gifts like clothing, blankets, or toys. You could also consider getting these personalised with the baby’s name to make your gift all the more special. To really spoil them, you could even buy or put together a charming baby hamper full of goodies for the new arrival. Create your own baby hamper with our personalized gift builder.

Gifts for the mum

There’s no denying that, through all the hard work and sleepless nights, the new mum will deserve a little something just for her, too. So, consider treating her to something special and luxurious like some nice skincare products or cosy pyjamas.

Jewellery can also make a lovely sentimental gift that she’ll always remember receiving after the arrival of her little one. As a delightful way to celebrate the birth of her new baby, you could gift her a charm bracelet. You can get some lovely baby, mother, and family charms. Plus, she can keep adding to the bracelet to celebrate special milestones as the years go by.

Locket pendants also make wonderfully sentimental gifts, so consider treating her to one complete with a picture of herself and her new-born. You can also get some charming family tree pendants. These feature the classic symbol of family unity and the new mother will love its touching message as she starts her own family tree.

Gifts for mum and baby

Of course, you could always choose something that both mum and baby can enjoy. Baby keepsake chests and tins are great for storing all of their precious memories in. They’re perfect for gifting after the baby is born, and mum can start collecting mementos right away.

You could also look into gifting them some massage oils. Massages are ideal for helping mother and baby bond, and can even make it easier for little ones to relax before bedtime. Although some oils aren’t suited to sensitive skin, you can get some that are specially formulated with new babies in mind.  

Whatever you choose to gift, any new mother will appreciate a helping hand or special treat. Whether you’re buying something for mum or the little arrival, this guide will help you find that perfect sentimental gift to celebrate a new baby. 
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