International delivery is available again at The Baby Hamper Company!

Wednesday, 8 September 2021  |  The Baby Hamper Company

International delivery is available again at The Baby Hamper Company!

Following on from the very unusual year that was 2020 with Covid and then Brexit in early 2021, it was becoming apparent that overseas shipping has become incredibly difficult across all business sectors in the UK. Like many other companies trying to ship Internationally was a nightmare. Parcels would leave the UK but then would become lodged in a backlogged customs system in other countries only to be returned to us some weeks later.

As we are a baby gift company, and our gifts are time-critical, this was obviously unacceptable to us. Until we could come up with a solution to this problem, unfortunately, we had to suspend overseas shipping.

Since then we have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to get a system up and running.

We're very pleased to say that from today we are now able to accept international delivery orders once again!

Our system works slightly differently now. During the checkout, it will show the shipping charges as before but will also include the customs charges to be paid before dispatch (for each country the amounts will be different depending on their customs rates). This ensures your gift gets to your recipient without hold-ups and your recipient receiving a bill for customs.

We are also now able to ship to the USA and Canada as well as Europe and the rest of the world.

We hope this new system will make shopping for your overseas baby gifts as stress-free and easy as possible.

For information on delivery charges and time frames see our Delivery and Returns Page and our full list of Delivery Countries.

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