The Baby Hamper Company's Discount Codes

Tuesday, 6 May 2014  |  The Baby Hamper Company

So you're looking to place an order with us at The Baby Hamper Company, for one of our very funky gifts to send to one of your loved ones? But just where can you find out about any discount codes and coupons.

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Well, all you have to do is follow this link here and like our Facebook page.

Follow The Baby Box Company on Facebook

This will give you all our latest active codes including discounts from your first orders. 

By following us on Facebook you'll keep up to date with all our news and information and have the ability to enter our regular give away draws.

We always aim to give our customers the best quality products at the very best prices and pride ourselves on offering great value for money.

All shoppers also automatically receive our loyalty points. These are worth 5% off of our next order, so save them up for as long as you like to get yourself free orders in the future...bonus!

Looking for the perfect luxury baby gift? Sop our range of luxury baby hampers.



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