Top toys of the last 100 years 1920-2020

Monday, 10 August 2015  |  The Baby Hamper Company

From the terracotta dolls of Ancient Rome to the Rubix Cube, children’s toys are something which has been ever present in societies across the world for thousands of years.

They can play a significant role in a child’s development, both physical and cognitive, and can also allow a parent to strengthen the bond they have with their child.

Most of us will have some very fond memories of our favourite toys from when we were growing up, and at The Baby Hamper Company, we love the idea that we’ll be providing babies with some memories that could stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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So, this made us think – what makes a truly great toy, and what are the most iconic toys of all time? Why have some stood the test of time while others fell by the wayside?

Here we take a nostalgic look at ‘Toys Throughout the Ages’, all the way from the 1920s to the Noughties, to find out what the greatest toys ever are and why they have been so popular.

Are some of your favourites from growing up included? Take a look through and let your inner child come out to play!


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