Top 5 Places to Holiday with a Newborn for Summer 2024

Top 5 Places to Holiday with a Newborn for Summer 2024

Travelling is a fun and exciting way to fill your time, but travelling with a newborn baby may give you a whole new range of anxiety you haven’t felt before. Whether you are seeking out a peaceful retreat as parents, or you want to just have fun as a family, bringing a newborn along doesn't have to be as daunting as you think.

The good news is that there are destinations out there that are perfect for a newborn holiday and we’ve put a list together of the top five below.

The Lake District, UK

Ideal for families bringing a newborn baby alone, the Lake District offers a scenic holiday for the whole family. It’s known for its stunning lakes and rolling hills, charming villages and peaceful walks. You can strap the baby into a carrier if you don't want to bring the pram, too.

Why It’s Great for Newborns:

  • You never get true peace when you have a baby along the way, but a serene landscape offering quiet surroundings is perfect for calming your baby down.
  • Amazing accommodation is available for the whole family that caters to families with newborns. You can use baby equipment like cots and high chairs and book these in advance.
  • Plenty to do outside is a must on holiday with a newborn baby and gentle walks through the picturesque countryside are exactly what you need.
baby holiday uk 2024 lake district

Cornwall, UK

If you haven't been to Cornwall before, you should look at a book to take the whole family. The amazing coastal towns and stunning beaches mean that your bucket and spade holidays are about to be elevated. There are sandy shores and amazing fishing villages to enjoy, with something for everyone to make memories.

Why It’s Great for Newborns:

  • Beautiful beaches and the sound of the waves are the perfect soother for a cranky baby!
  • The Eden Project and Newquay Zoo offer something for everyone and are suited to all ages, including a newborn. Going for a stroll in the local, family-friendly attractions will be wonderful as a memory maker.
  • The mild summer weather means you can keep your new baby comfortable no matter the weather.
  • A range of accommodation options, all of which are family friendly.

The Cotswolds, UK

Known for its idyllic villages and rolling countryside, the Cotswolds are packed with historic sites that thrill anyone of any age. It’s a great choice for a peaceful, family-friendly holiday.

Why It’s Great for Newborns:

  • Packed with peaceful villages, the Cotswolds are great for a gentle stroll with the baby.
  • There are plenty of accommodation options that offer baby-friendly amenities.
  • A walk around the National Heritage sites will be a great way to spend your time.
  • The chance to explore family-friendly attractions with your newborn can help to blow away the cobwebs.
baby holiday uk 2024 cotswolds

Norfolk Broads, UK

If you want a unique holiday experience, the Norfolk Broads can offer you what you need. Packed with a vast network of rivers and lakes, the Broads are perfect if you want to relax with the whole family on the water.

Why It’s Great for Newborns:

  • The waterways are great for the family if you love to go on a boating holiday.
  • You can enjoy the natural beauty, spotting wildlife from your boat!
  • You can moor up and explore the villages in the Broads before heading to the coast.
  • You get the serenity you’re craving - and so does the baby.

Edinburgh, Scotland

With its rich history and vibrant culture, Edinburgh has something to offer for everyone. A good mix of city life and serene green spaces, you can take your baby for amazing castle walks or strolls along the Botanic Garden.

Why It’s Great for Newborns:

  • The city centre has plenty of attractions, so it’s easy to navigate and walk through with the pram.
  • The museums are built for families to navigate!
  • There are plenty of beautiful parks to relax in.

Travelling with your new baby doesn't have to be a stressful thing to do. Research your destination ahead so that you choose one that caters to your whole family, not just the newborn.  Don't forget to plan your journey with plenty of stops, too, so that you can have plenty of breaks and not keep the baby in a car seat for too long. Whether you want the city life in Edinburgh or you want the winding lakes in the Lake District, there are so many options for the entire family!

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