Baby Girl Gifts

Put a smile on the face's of your new parents with our unique selection of baby girl gifts! Choose from our unique range of baby girls clothingsoft toys and really practical presents like our range of hats and muslin cloths, we have something for every newborn.

Treat the new little one in your life to the best new baby girl gift that will be hand wrapped, with a personalised gift card and sent directly to the recipient with love.

Order your baby girl gifts today from the UK, with next day and international delivery options. Spend over £100 and get FREE DELIVERY (UK standard delivery).

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Baby Girls Hamper - Luxury

Baby Girls Hamper - Luxury£60.00

Baby Girls Hamper - Large

Baby Girls Hamper - Large£40.00

Mother & Baby Gift Hamper

Mother & Baby Gift Hamper£40.00

Personalised Baby Girl's Hamper - Large

Personalised Baby Girl's Hamper - Large£40.00

Personalised Baby Money Box - Cat

Personalised Baby Money Box - Cat£35.00

Personalised Baby Money Box - Mouse

Personalised Baby Money Box - Mouse£35.00

Personalised Keepsake Traditional Teddy Bear

Personalised Keepsake Traditional Teddy Bear£32.00

Personalised Vintage Football and Stand

Personalised Vintage Football and Stand£30.00

Personalised Vintage Rugby Ball and Stand

Personalised Vintage Rugby Ball and Stand£30.00

Baby Girl's Hamper - Medium

Baby Girl's Hamper - Medium£25.00

Letterbox Baby Hamper Girls

Letterbox Baby Hamper Girls£25.00

Personalised Letterbox New Baby Hamper

Personalised Letterbox New Baby Hamper£25.00

Personalised Embroidered Grey Star Blanket

Personalised Embroidered Grey Star Blanket£22.00

Personalised Embroidered Grey Cotton Blanket

Personalised Embroidered Grey Cotton Blanket£20.00

Personalised Embroidered White Cotton Blanket

Personalised Embroidered White Cotton Blanket£20.00

Personalised Embroidered White Hooded Towel

Personalised Embroidered White Hooded Towel£20.00

Pigeon Organics Elephant Print Romper

Pigeon Organics Elephant Print Romper£22.00   £15.00

Grey Cotton Baby Blanket

Grey Cotton Baby Blanket£14.00

White Cotton Baby Blanket

White Cotton Baby Blanket£14.00

Personalised Baby Initials White Cardigan

Personalised Baby Initials White Cardigan£13.00

Personalised Baby Bedroom Pennant Flag

Personalised Baby Bedroom Pennant Flag£12.00

Taf Toys Kimmy The Koala

Taf Toys Kimmy The Koala£11.00

Baby Says Hi Personalised T shirt - Black

Baby Says Hi Personalised T shirt - Black£10.00

Baby Says Hi Personalised T shirt - White

Baby Says Hi Personalised T shirt - White£10.00

Personalised Hanging Ceramic Heart

Personalised Hanging Ceramic Heart£10.00

Personalised Hanging Ceramic Star

Personalised Hanging Ceramic Star£10.00

Personalised Children's Treasure Bag

Personalised Children's Treasure Bag£9.00

Touch Ring Rattle in Natural

Touch Ring Rattle in Natural£9.00

Lamaze Giggle Bunny Ball Toy

Lamaze Giggle Bunny Ball Toy£8.00

Touch Ring Rattle in Rainbow

Touch Ring Rattle in Rainbow£6.50

Sock Ons, Pale Pink

Sock Ons, Pale Pink£4.00

Sock Ons, White

Sock Ons, White£4.00

Bandana Bib, White

Bandana Bib, White£3.00


Page 1 of 1:    91 Items

Do you give a gift when a baby girl is born?

Traditionally a gift is given to a newborn baby when they arrive in this world. Gifts of keepsakes, clothes and useful baby products are usually given to the babies parents 


What can you gift a newborn baby girl?


What is the best gift for a new baby girl?


unusual funky newborn personalised thoughtful unique inspirational expertise basket unique cute ideas sentimental special best creative for mum keepsake welcome with name monogrammed toys set

aunt, grandparents, godparents, grandma