New Big Brother and Sister Gifts


      Looking for a big sister or big brother gift from baby? Welcoming a newborn baby home is a moment of pure joy and excitement for new parents. There are so many firsts to experience and so much to look forward to. But during this beautiful time, we need to remember some adjustment will be required for the baby’s big brother or sister.

      Things are changing. Expectations are shifting and in this transitionary period, no matter how excited they are for a new baby to join their family, it’s normal for older siblings to have some issues adjusting — no matter their age.

      We understand that older brothers and sisters are your priority at this time, too, which is why we’ve put together some beautiful gifts for new brothers and sisters in our luxury gift boxes.

      Buy a Gift from Baby

      You can help ease this transition by buying a “present from the baby”. Many parents do this, believing it helps to initiate a bond while also helping the new older sibling to get excited about the new addition to the family. This can be anything from a small teddy bear to a memorable keepsake they will treasure forever.

      Include Older Brothers and Sisters with a Special Gift for Them

      If you are heading to a baby shower, you will likely be looking to buy a gift for the baby. You might even want to buy a hamper for the new mum, to show her you are thinking about her and you care. But it might not sit right with you to visit a household bearing gifts while excluding the older brother or sister. It’s a time for celebration for everyone, and the toddler are about to have a whole new role and responsibility, so why not mark the occasion with a gift?

      Check out our selection of new big brother and sister gifts below to see what appeals to you.

      Quality, Heart-Warming Gifts

      All our gifts are carefully selected for their superior quality, premier materials, beautiful colours and unique nature. Shop online today for the best big brother and sister gifts here at The Baby Hamper Company from Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and friends. Remember that everything you select will be lovingly hand-packed into a baby hamper. Our hampers can be ordered with UK or worldwide delivery options.