Our mission is to offer the very best baby hampers online in terms of quality, variety and usefulness. But what’s underlining all our efforts along the way is our passion for and commitment to sustainability.

We understand that customers expect their favourite brands to stand up and be responsible for their carbon footprint more than ever. We all want plastic-free oceans and fewer chemicals in the ozone. And especially when it comes to babies, we want gentle, organic and kind products for the skin. This is why we have an ongoing commitment to sustainability that comes first, before profit and before the bottom line — because we only have one planet!

Let’s talk more about our sustainability efforts, our aims regarding plastic reduction and how we select our baby gifts.

Our Baby Hamper Packaging

As you may already know, our baby hampers are delivered to your door in a simple, durable cardboard box — a design we went for as it’s simple and convenient. We wanted to avoid the bulky nature of traditional hampers, as well as the plastic that inevitably accompanies them!

Our box packaging is made from recycled cardboard, which can also be recycled once you’re done with it or composted. Or you can even go on to upcycle the box into something fun and baby-friendly (read on to discover more!)

Baby hamper gift box
Baby gift box recycled packaging

Our Aim to Be Plastic Free

We are taking great strides when it comes to reducing plastic use here at The Baby Hamper Company. We’re mindful about plastic, and we don’t use it if we have an alternative. What’s more, we have completely plastic-free packaging.

Our Philosophy Regarding Sustainability and Ethical Shopping

Every step of the way, we look for packaging and material that is green and ethical. The paper inside our hampers is made from renewable sources and is recyclable. We reuse the packaging that we receive and, where we can, we buy products manufactured in the UK to cut down on our carbon footprint. All our own brand baby clothing is made and printed in the UK.
We’re Driven by Ethics and Organic Ingredients.

As well as our packaging, we are very conscious about what items we pack into our hampers. Our soft knitted toys are fair trade and ethically sourced. Our skincare brands use organic and naturally sourced ingredients. If you ever have any questions about the products we stock, you can always contact us.

Fairtrade baby boys and gifts
Baby gifts and clothes made in britain

Our Advice for Reusing Our Boxes

We like recycling, but we love upcycling even more! Our customers love our instructions on making our hamper boxes into sensory boxes for more fun and excitement!