Newborn Baby Boy Clothes

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      The Baby Hamper Company stock a range of super soft Newborn Baby Boy Clothes that are perfect for any new baby boy! Choose from a selection of navy hats, printed muslins, sleep gowns, socks and baby boy outfits to name just a few items in our range.

      We stock designer baby boys' clothing such as Baby Mori, but we also have an exclusive collection of unique newborn clothes by British brand Baby Says Hi which is only available here. Add some of these baby boy clothing to add to your perfect baby hamper today and choose from UK express or worldwide delivery options.

      How do you dress a newborn baby boy?

      Parents often clothe their newborn babies in outfits that can be easily changed. This is because newborn babies often need changes in clothes many times during the day and at night! Babies usually get into a reasonable routine at around 6 weeks of age, but until then it is almost impossible to dress them in anything other than easy-to-change clothes such as a sleepsuit or a bodysuit in the summer.

      What size should I buy for a newborn baby boy?

      The weight and size of newborn babies vary so much in size, so we recommend that you always purchase size 0-3 months in clothes for a new baby boy. This will ensure that the child gets the most wear for our cool and funky range of boy clothes.

      What clothes should I buy for a new baby boy?

      For a new baby boy, we always recommend buying them size 0-3 months in any clothing just so they last a little longer! The types of clothes we would recommend are -

      • Sleepsuits - choose from blues or our grey and white printed selection
      • Hats - choose from our range of 100% cotton hats (these are a new baby essential)
      • Outfit sets - we have a thoughtful selection of personalised baby boy clothes which make a really thoughtful gift.

      Where can I buy British-made baby boy clothes?

      We stock a range of designer baby boy clothes from our partner brands, and we also have of our own brand of clothing which is manufactured right here in the UK from 100% super soft cotton. Our range which is exclusive to us under the brand 'Baby Says Hi' consists of funky printed everyday essentials and really special personalised clothing range.