Baby Formula Milk Calculator

Monday, 25 November 2019  |  The Baby Hamper Company
Baby Formula Milk Calculator

So you have a newborn baby, and for whatever reason, you decided not to or cannot breastfeed, so you move onto formula milk. But it can be really difficult trying to work out how much formula to feed your baby. You start to ask yourself questions such as "Are they getting enough?" or "How much is too much?" We, therefore, decided to put together this formula milk calculator to guide you.

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How much formula milk your baby needs is based on how much they weigh. As young babies are weighed quite regularly with the health visitor, this should make your calculations reasonably accurate. To use our formula milk calculator, simply input the weight of your baby in kilograms and the calculator will give you a guide figure as to how much formula milk your baby needs over 24 hours.


The calculations for this guide are based on the recommended feeding amounts of 150 to 200ml of formula milk per kilo of body weight see the NHS site here for the full recommendations and can be used up to the age of 6 months old.


Use our easy formula milk calculator to ensure your baby is getting the right amount of milk for them!


*Please consult your health visitor or doctor if you are in any way concerned about your baby's feeding habits. This calculator should be used as a guide only.

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