10 Unusual and Unique Baby Girls Names for 2021

10 Unusual and Unique Baby Girls Names for 2021

One of the best moments of parenting is picking out names for their beautiful baby girl. Although it's a fantastic experience, it's not easy finding a unique name. You can go for traditional, unisex, and cute names. Parent's preferences for kids' names change over time; while some look for deep meanings, others look for unusual names that make their kids stand out in the classroom when they start school. However, with the increasing population, you may think that a particular name is uncommon yet find that kids have it. Here is a list of unusual baby girl names you can consider.

1. Xena

Xena is an unusual baby girl name taken from a Greek word Xenia, also a girl’s name. In Greek, it means one who is hospitable, from the word Xenos, meaning "foreigner" or "stranger." In Mexican origin, Xena means one who is "powerful," while in the Philippines, it means "Planet."
Xena belongs to the numerology 8s; they are known to have a lot of determination and self-drive. 8s are a force to be reckoned with as they are confident and energetic. They can do anything they put their minds to.

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2. Ione

Ione is one of the unusual baby girl names of Greek origin. It means "violet," which is also a flower. According to Greek mythology, Ione was the name of a sea nymph perhaps named after the Greek region Ionia. The name grew popular in the American and English culture when used in the novel 'The Last Days of Pompeii," where it was the heroine's name.

3. Yesenia

Yesenia is of Arabic origin, primarily used in Spanish and English-speaking countries. It's the perfect name to put on your baby girl's personalized flag or baby blanket to remind you of its special meaning. Yesenia means "Flora," which resembles a beautiful flower. In Spanish, it means "Palm tree. It is energetic but melodious in sound, perfect for a little girl who's always on the move while dancing or singing and ruling in the playground.

4. Safiyya

Safiyya is of Arabic origin, and a Quranic unusual baby girl name is taken from the word "Safi" to mean "virtuous," "pure," "best friend," or "confidante."

5. Dionne

Dionne is of English origin, a feminine form of Dion that means "follower of Dionysus." According to Greek mythology, Dionne is Aphrodite's mother and a wife to Zeus. When analyzed, Dionne is a determined girl who enjoys new successes; she is influential and sways crowds. Also, Dionne is lively, colourful and likes to make many friends. She is a creative artist who is talented in performing, writing, and travelling.

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6. Ula

Ula is one of the unusual baby girl names starting with the letter "U." Although it has a few letters, making it easy to inscribe it on a personalized comfort blanket or flag, it has a significant meaning. Ula is of Hawaiian, Scandinavian, and Celtic origin and means "Jewel/gem of the Sea." It also means "wealthy or sacred red."

7. Lyra

Lyra is a constellation name of the Greek origin meaning "lyre," taken from the lyre of Orpheus. In Nordic, it means "brave." If you're a parent who has an interest in mythology, music, and astronomy, this could be the perfect name for your little one. It has the Vega star, making it a melodic choice, and you can curve it on your baby’s personalized blanket.
Lyra has also been the name of choice for various celebrities’ kids like Ed Sheeran and Jamie Cullum. It is more unusual than Lila and has more history and depth than Lyric.

8. Elodie

Elodie is a musical and one of the unusual baby girl names with its origin in France. It gets its roots in Spain from the name Elodia. The beautiful and rare name means "foreign riches." It is also derived from the Spanish martyr, Saint Alodia.

9. Nolani

Nolani has been a rare and unusual baby girl name for a long time. In the last 100 years, it has been nowhere in the top 1000 and has only had about 23 people named Nolani. Nolani plays on people's preference for famous names like Kailani and Khelani, but it has a beautiful meaning, "Beautiful one from heaven."

10. Zahara

Zahara is of Hebrew and Arabic origin meaning "shining, radiance, or flowering." Although it is a delicate name, it is strong and multicultural. It became famous when Angelina Jolie gave it to her daughter.

Having a daughter is a precious gift, more so being able to choose a beautiful name for her. Make your baby’s experience growing up comfortable with a personalized blanket or comfort blanket by inscribing their name on it. Also, gift them with a personalized flag to remind them of how special they are.

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