11 Best Ideas to Announce Your Pregnancy to Grandparents

11 Best Ideas to Announce Your Pregnancy to Grandparents

Are you pregnant and looking for ways to tell your parents or your partner's parents about the new arrival? Some people prefer the direct approach, choosing a conversation, where others want to give their announcement a bit of flair. If the second option is more your style, then keep reading down below as we’re going to look at 11 of the best ideas to announce your pregnancy to grandparents!

A Scan Photo

The first option that we’ve got for you includes using a scan photo in some way. You can frame the 12 week scan photo and give it as a gift, or you can find a personalised one about being promoted to grandparents.

Personalised scan framed photo

Personalised scan photo by Posh Totty Designs

Consider Edible Treats

Have you considered using edible treats? Perhaps you can bake cookies in the shapes of booties, or you can decorate cupcakes with various baby items! This makes a delicious addition to the announcement, and a sweet treat goes a long way if you’re worried that they’re going to be shocked.

With A Piece Of Clothing

You can purchase personalised pieces of clothing that announce the news for you. For example it can say something along the lines of ‘grandma to be expected (enter due date)’. Or, it can say something like ‘my grandchild is coming in (enter due date)’. This is a cute way to give them a memento of the occasion, while also making the announcement.

A Countdown On Chalk

There are various cute little chalk boards around and you can use one of these to countdown the days until the baby is going to be born. We’re sure that if you look, you will be able to find a baby countdown chalkboard without much effort! This is the perfect way to prepare for the baby arrival, and you can choose to either do this in days or weeks!

Ask Them To Come To An Appointment

A little unusual and certainly something that’s not done very often, but you could ask them to come to an appointment with you. This could be to the 12 week scan for example, but don’t tell them what the appointment is for. This way, they will be completely surprised when they see the baby on the screen, and they can fall in love with them just as much as you.

Write Down Different Name Options

Not every grandparent wants to be called the same thing. Some of the options are ‘grandma’, ‘granny’, ‘nanna’, ‘nanny’ and ‘grandpa’, ‘grandad’, and ‘pops’. You can write these down on different cards and put them in a box. Present this box to the grandparents-to-be, and let them pick out which name they want used when the baby arrives! This is a great way to let them be involved with the new baby from the get-go.

‘You’re Promoted’

There are some beautiful pieces out there, whether that be jewelry, t-shirts, or even plaques, that have the words ‘you’re promoted’ on them. Some are more personal with others with more words about how great they are as a parent so they are being promoted to grandparent. Others are a little more to the point, so it’s up to you which you want to get.

You've been promoted to grandparents gift

You've been promoted to Grandparents from Etsy

A Birthday Present

If you want to announce your new baby as a birthday present to the grandparents-to-be, you can do this by incorporating it into one of their gifts. Think carefully about what you’re going to purchase, and find a way to include the news. You could even put a baby grow as the present.

Use Something That They Love

Think about the things that they love, and use one of these to reveal the news. For example, if you know that they love to knit, then you can get them some knitting needles and yarn, with a little note that asks them to knit a blanket for the new little one.

Consider Making It Funny

Adding some humour to the announcement might be just up your street. If you already have a child, you can do something like writing ‘baby’ on the mothers stomach, ‘beer’ on dad, and something funny like ‘chocolate’ on your little one!

If It’s Not The First Grandchild..

If it’s not the first grandchild, and your parents or your partner's parents already have pictures of all of them, you can add your scan photo, or even one of your bump with the due date. It’s a simple idea, but lets the little one be part of the family even sooner, and makes the grandparents' collection complete!

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now have some awesome ideas of how you can announce your pregnancy to the grandparents-to-be!