5 Best Newborn Toys for Baby Girls

5 Best Newborn Toys for Baby Girls

If you are expecting a baby girl, or you have just had your precious little girl, then the first thing that we want to say is congratulations! You’ve done so well to get to the point that you are at, and now it’s time to think about some of the best newborn toys for your little princess. Newborn toys are essential for development and entertainment alike, so you want to make sure that you are getting the absolute best. Down below, we’re going to be taking a look at 5 of the best newborn toys for baby girls, so keep reading to find out more.

Sophie The Giraffe

Sophie la giraffe sensory baby toy

We’re sure that you have heard all about Sophie The Giraffe, as she is a popular teething toy. She comes in a range of different products, including this actual giraffe teething toy. Your little girl can hold, and bite this as much as she wants, coming in especially handy when she starts to get her first teeth and wants to bite on everything. Teething toys are essential for your newborns, as chewing on things is part of how they learn, but it also helps to alleviate some of the pain when teeth start to come through.

The natural soft rubber is perfect for your baby’s first toy, soft enough that she doesn’t hurt herself, but firm enough that she can bite heavily.

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Tilly Twinklewings

Lamaze Unicorn Sensory baby toy

The Lamaze Tilly Twinklewings Unicorn Toy is a fantastic choice for your little girl. It has a range of different materials, bringing plenty of different textures for your newborn to explore. Try to keep in mind that your little girl is going to be constantly learning from everything that she interacts with, and sensory development is in full swing from very early on. The more textures, sounds etc. that you can get into her life, the better. You want her to learn as much as she can early on, and so that you don’t overstimulate her, a toy like Tilly Twinklewings is a solid option.

Colourful and fun, your little girl is going to adore this unicorn pink baby gift for many months and years to come.

Crochet Octopus

Crochet octopus sensory baby toy

You might not think that a crochet octopus is anything special, but to your little girl it may become the entire world. The Pebble Fairtrade Crochet Octopus may become her favourite companion in the whole wide world, going everywhere with her, out on adventures and to bed at night to keep her safe. Crochet items have a specific texture to them that many newborns find extremely appealing, so it’s always a fantastic idea to purchase one of these for your little one.

Moon Rattle

Taf Toys mini moon rattle sensory baby toy

On the topic of sensory items again, a rattle is one of the first toys that you hear about most babies having. It’s a very common toy to give a newborn as they are able to shake it and make sounds, making them laugh and smile, or even just giving them a sense of comfort. Taf Toys Mini Moon Rattle is a great option for your new little girls’ toy box. It’s easy to grab onto, has lots of different colours for her to look at, and you can see the balls moving around to create the rattling sound. While your little princess won’t know how the noise is being made, she is sure going to have a fantastic time listening and watching.

A rattle should definitely be one of the very first toys that you purchase for your little one, as she is going to love it, we promise.

Koala Rattle

Koala sensory baby toy

Or, another fantastic option when it comes to rattles is the Taf Toys Koala Rainstick Rattle. This is a little different from the recommendation that we gave above, as this one works by having the balls fall up and down the stick as well as side to side, depending on which way the baby is holding it. She can hold the bottom and shake it around, or if she tries to grab onto the koala’s ears and turns it upside down, she will hear a rainfall of balls. It’s a different sounding rattle to the Mini Moon, so you may even want to consider getting both.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now have 5 fantastic ideas for the best newborn toys for baby girls. Even just one option from this list is going to be great for your little one, but the more you can purchase, the more variety that you can give her, the happier she will be.

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