5 Easy Ideas For Baby Shower Games 2022

5 Easy Ideas For The Best Baby Shower Games in 2022

Planning a baby shower can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the details. From finding the perfect theme to sending out invitations and coming up with fun activities for your friends and their partners to participate in – there’s a lot of work involved. However, many creative ideas can help make your shower stand out from the rest. With so many different types of games available, planning your event will be easier than ever before. To keep things simple, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite games you can use at any type of baby shower. So whether you’re looking for something funny, challenging, or sporty, this blog post has got you covered! So keep reading to discover five fantastic baby shower games that will blow your guests away.

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1. Mum-to-Be Matching Game

If you want to host a more interactive game at your shower, you can play the mum-to-be matching game. This game works like a classic matching game – but it’s been modified to suit the occasion. You can find matching pair games in stores, or you can make your own by printing out cards on card stock paper. The cards should contain facts about pregnancy, the baby’s development, and even facts on the couple hosting the shower if you want to make it more personalised. You and your guests should compete to match the most pairs of cards, matching one card to another based on whether it answers the question the first card posits. For example, a card that says “the length of a normal pregnancy” can be matched to another that says ‘40 weeks’.

2. Pram Race Game

A stroller race game can be great fun for everyone if you have a lot of space available at your event. This activity works best with at least four pairs of guests – but it can be played by more if there are enough prams or buggies available. You can ask guests to bring their prams, or you can rent some for the event. Once everything is set up, each pair of guests will compete against one another. The first pair will go against each other, then the second pair, and so on, until there are no more strollers left. The game aims to get your pram across the finish line as quickly as possible. You can devise your own rules and use obstacles to make it more entertaining. Another way to make it more fun is to have each pair start at opposite ends of the room and race towards the middle. Be sure to keep the space clear while they play and ensure they don’t collide with other people.

3. Guess Who’s The Baby

This game is a great way to get to know your guests and a great idea if you’re looking for easy baby shower games. Each guest and the hosts should bring a photo of them as a baby to the baby shower. After the host has gathered all the pictures, shuffled them, and laid them out, each guest can take a turn matching the baby picture to each guest! If the guest guesses correctly, they can take an extra turn until they get it wrong.

Guess the baby baby shower game

4. Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt

We recommend hosting a baby shower scavenger hunt if you want to try something new and exciting at your shower. This is an excellent idea if you want more modern baby shower games. This game works best with larger groups and even better with a group of couples. Before the event, list items you want the guests to find while on their hunt. This can include pictures of the expecting parents as children, pictures of the parents-to-be as a couple, or even items related to the event's theme. Then, before the guests leave the event, you should tell them to bring everything back to be counted as “found” – and the person who finds the most items wins!

baby shower scavenger hunt

5. Guess The Baby Item

This game is one of the easiest baby shower games you can play as it involves guessing different items that are meant to be used on babies. You can simply use your guests’ presents as part of the game once you’ve opened them! The game's premise is simple: you put various items related to the baby shower into a bag, and each guest is blindfolded and must put their hand into the bag and guess what is inside through touch. Once everyone has had a go, give your guests a pen and sheet of paper, and they can list everything they’ve felt inside the bag. Whoever gets the most items correct wins!

And it's as easy as that, some great, and super easy ideas of games to arrange for your baby shower celebration!