Inspirational Ways To Decorate a Gender-Neutral Nursery

5 Inspirational Ways To Decorate a Gender-Neutral Nursery

When you've got a baby on the way, one of the most exciting stages is getting the nursery ready. Nick Acaster is Managing Director of Rugs Direct, so he's got a keen eye for interior design trends. Here, he shares his tips for decorating a nursery in a gender-neutral way.

Whether you're keeping the gender of your baby a surprise or you just don't want to limit yourself to typical pink or blue décor, you'll be pleased to hear that gender-neutral nurseries are very easy to pull off— and they're one of the Baby Hamper Company's Hottest Baby Nursery Décor Trends for 2019 into 2020.

Of course, the easiest way to achieve a gender-neutral nursery is to stick to plain white and grey — but where's the fun in that? Another approach you could try is to choose a strong motif, rather than rely on a colour palette, to give the room personality. Many expectant parents use themed murals, printed fabrics, and décor to create a room that looks appealing regardless of the gender of their new-born. Plus, the more fun decorations there are in a room, the more stimulating it is for your little ones too.

With all this in mind, I'll be sharing just some of the best themes for decorating your nursery in a gender-neutral way.


Having a luscious, tropical jungle themed nursery is the perfect excuse to pack in lots of green and wild animal décor to get your baby recognising their shapes early on in life. As they grow, they can start to explore the jungle around them and pretend to be their favourite animals, encouraging imaginative play.

Unisex baby nursery jungle decor
Unisex Baby Nursery Decor Jungle theme
Unisex jungle baby nursery

Houselust, Project Nursery


A space-themed room will help to ensure your infant takes an interest in science early on. And, although it might be easy to write off a space-themed nursery as being too gloomy, the darker tones can be quite soothing and might even prevent your baby from becoming overstimulated.

Plus, there's the opportunity for you to use interesting lighting like projector lamps and nightlights to bring a mysterious glow to the room. For an extra dash of wow-factor, look for glow-in-the-dark soft furnishings like curtains and rugs.

Space theme nursery decor 1
Space theme nursery decor 2
Space nursery decor 3

Jen Loves Kev, Blue Lamp Interiors

Under the sea

From drawing merpeople to reading about sharks, children love to imagine what it would be like to live underwater. That means that sea-blues can be a popular choice for girls as well as boys when it comes to painting their bedroom walls. And, even for very young babies, the colour blue can be very calming — it can even encourage a restful sleep. Try painting green seaweed along the skirting boards for an enchanting deep-sea design feature.

Under the Sea nursery decor 1
Under the sea nursery design
Seaside theme baby nursery decoration

Art by Alysia, Lunchpails and Lipstick, Clem around the Corner


For a fun, silly, and totally charming nursery, why not try a circus theme? There's a vintage quality to circus décor that makes it seem timeless, so it will appeal to adults and young children alike. To pull it off, you could use bed curtains and drapes to make your baby's cot look like a big top and include lots of cuddly circus animals for them to play with. For the overall look, use lots of antique gold and reds in your decoration.

Circus nursery decor 1
Circus nursery decor baby
Nursery ceiling circus decor

How Joyful, Janet Howard


There's a reason why children prefer choosing bright colours for their toys, clothing, and everything in between. Multi-coloured themes are mood-boosting and can encourage your baby to be more active during playtime. Using every colour in the rainbow also makes it easier for you to maintain your theme, as you're not limited by tones or hues when you come to buy furniture, fabrics, or ornaments. A focal point, like a rainbow rug, can help tie the room together.

Rainbow nursery design decor
Rainbow theme nursery design inspiration
Rainbow unisex nursery decor ideas

Project Nursery, Melanie Slack Interiors, House of Hooray

These are just some of the best gender-neutral themes to use when decorating your nursery. By following these tips, you can ensure your new-born baby girl or boy will have the perfect place to call home.