5 precious tips for the best babys first Christmas

5 Precious Tips for Baby's Best First Christmas

Christmas is a magical time that we spend with our family and friends. It gets even more special when a new person sits up at the Christmas table for the first time – your little baby. Although Christmas is a time of joy and peace, parents have to be watchful and careful at this time.

Are you stressed and nervous about preparing for the first Christmas time with your infant?

Christmas with an infant is for parents, a new unknown situation, no matter if the baby is only a few weeks old or almost 1 year old. With younger infants, the preparation for the festive season may be easier, because newborns need more sleep, so he/she may sleep through most of the preparation. However, even if your newborn sleeps like an angel, don’t be so hard on yourself – you don’t have to do all of the housework, that you were doing before your baby came into the world. You can share your duties with your spouse and other family members. Be prepared that not everything will be perfect and smooth. However, there are a few things that you can do to make the first Christmas with the baby cheerful and happy.

Here are our 5 top tips on how smoothly get through your first Christmas with baby:

1. Divide the Christmas preparation into few people

If you’re hosting the Christmas party, ask every guest to bring one meal, so you could save your time and energy. If you want to take care of every meal, remember that you don’t have to cook everything. Some of the meals you can buy as prepared or you can cook them earlier and freeze, the more you can have prepared the better.

2. Clean your house, but don’t overdo it

Don’t overwork yourself! Of course, you and everyone else want the Christmas to be perfect, but set yourself some limits. Your whole house doesn’t have to shine with cleanliness and you don’t have to agonize yourself over cooking a huge dinner for a dozen people.

You can also start cleaning earlier, even a few weeks before Christmas and you can divide it over a few days, for example, you can clean each room in one day. If you don’t do everything at once, you won’t be feeling so exhausted. And right before Christmas just vacuum and wipe off the dust.

3. Keep an eye on little one

Most of the Christmas dishes are not suitable for little babies, so it’s good to prepare one or two meals especially for the baby and his delicate stomach for the big day. Also be careful that your child doesn’t play with glass Christmas baubles or cables from the lights on the Christmas tree. The more comfortable your baby will be over the festive period the more relaxed you will be, so don't dress them in an uncomfortable stiff little suit. Choose a soft easy to wear an outfit that will keep them warm and snug.

You are not able to foresee everything and predict how your little baby will behave. Remember that such ordinary things like a Christmas tree or presence of new unknown people may scare the child. Moreover, remember that your baby absorbs your emotions and attitude. So if you are tired, stressed out and exhausted your baby may absorb these feelings.

4. Don’t forget about the gift for your little bundle of joy

Everyone loves getting presents and your little baby also will be very happy getting a first Christmas gift. However, for such a small baby there will be no difference between a gift for £5 and £100, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on some toys, clothes or other expensive things that are advertised on television during the whole Christmas season. You can find many beautiful Christmas baby gifts for under £20! And the choice is vast: teethers and soothers, educational toys, bouncers and jumpers, books and other useful things. A good rule of thumb for babies, and older children for that matter, is to buy them something from each of the four following groups -

  • Something they want
  • Something they need
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read

5. Don’t worry so much!

Treat these Holidays with a relaxed approach, and don’t worry if your little one doesn’t want to sleep at a set time on this day or if he sleeps through the whole party for that matter! Christmas is a time for enjoyment by the whole family for baby and parents alike :)

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