6 Traditional Gifts for a Newborn Baby

6 Traditional Gifts for a Newborn Baby

One of the most exciting gifts you can give to a new mum and dad is something for their newborn baby. It can be hard to choose the perfect gift, and when walking into a baby store, you may be tempted to buy something of everything! Nevertheless, there are more than a few items that would suit a newborn perfectly and be of use to the parents as well! That said, here are a few ideas on traditional gifts you can give to a newborn baby.

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1. Baby Clothes

The first gift you can consider is baby clothes. You can never have enough clothes for your newborn baby, especially if they have an accident or two, spill some milk, or even if there wasn't any time to wash the laundry the past few days! If you'd like, you can buy a size or two bigger as well, so the baby will have a few pairs as they get older.

Traditional baby gifts clothes

In addition to the clothes, you can also buy a few bibs or burp cloths, which will come in very handy once the baby has arrived! Bibs get dirty very quickly, so you never have too much of them!

2. Baby Blankets

Next, you can perhaps look at buying bedding, such as baby blankets. If it's a winter baby, then blankets will be necessary and in high demand, so buying one or two will be of massive help to the parents! Additionally, you can consider giving personalized bedding with the baby's name if a name has been chosen already - the parents will definitely appreciate the thoughtful gesture! Teddy bears and other soft toys are always a winner as well, and when a baby gets older, they'll be playing with those soft toys all day long.

Traditional baby gifts, baby blankets

Baby swaddling blankets are also a practical gift to buy for the baby and the parents. Up until about six months after birth, babies can't regulate their body temperature, which is why swaddling blankets play such an integral part in keeping them feeling safe and cozy.

3. Baby Skincare

If you'd like to buy something more useful on a day-to-day basis, toiletries will be much appreciated by the parents and will take one thing off the list for them to buy for a while! When buying shampoos and creams, consider purchasing a fragrance-free kind that is suitable for sensitive skin, seeing as you don't know whether the baby you're buying for will be able to use just any product. There are also some brands that are made for sensitive skin types, so it would be helpful to maybe do a tiny bit of research before buying a range of baby skincare products!

Traditional baby gifts, baby skincare

4. Milestone Cards or Books

The My First Year Journal is a journal for a baby's first year and includes sections that parents can fill out as they go about documenting the milestones such as 'My Baby's Milestones' or 'Baby's Health.' These journals will make an excellent gift and play an integral part in the baby's first year; plus, the parents will keep it forever!

Traditional baby gifts, milestone cards

5. Baby Hamper

If you'd like to buy something that has a little bit of everything, then a baby hamper is the way to go! They are super fun and helpful, and they can be personalized according to your preferences. So whether you'd like a Large Baby Boy Hamper or a Girls' Luxury Baby Hamper for a tiny princess, it's all available! You can even Create Your Own Baby Hamper if you'd like to add a personal touch and make it extra special.

Traditional baby gifts, baby hamper

6. Baby Proofing Kit

One thing that every parent has to do when expecting a baby is baby proof their home - you can help with that! Buying a baby proofing kit can be exactly what the parents need; it's also something that gets forgotten about more often than not in between buying clothes and diapers. There are a few options to consider when looking at baby proofing kits, but the point is you'll be doing the parents a solid by buying one!

There you have it! By choosing one of these gift ideas, you'll be buying a gift that is not only thoughtful but useful, which is the definition of the perfect gift!

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