9 Things no one tells you about Parenthood

9 Things no one tells you about Parenthood

Hi guys!!

Andreia here from LifeMakeupStyle.
I am a first time mum to a beautiful 10-month-old baby girl called Valentina. I am a stay at home mum which is a major lifestyle change for me as I have always worked since leaving secondary school. I started my blog around mainly beauty and fashion but since getting pregnant my interests have changed a little bit so the contents of my blog followed in the same footsteps. I still have beauty and fashion posts but also write a lot about motherhood and babies.

I am here today with a post all about the things no one tells you about parenthood. It was quite difficult to write this post because, in today's day and age, everyone has an opinion, so you're bound to find everything out without even asking for the information. I was still able to come up with 9 things that no one told me before I became a mama. I hope you guys enjoy this post.

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1. Nursery Rhymes are very, very, very, very annoying!!
OK, so I kind of feel like I should have been warned about this one before I decided to play these for my baby for the first time. Now she's obsessed with playing them ALL THE TIME!! Baby shark is literally the background music to my life. I found myself singing this along with the wheels on the bus and twinkle twinkle whilst showering. WHY ME?!?!

2. You carried this baby for 9 months and care for them 24/7 but there is a 90% chance your baby will say 'Dada' first.
I think this was the most frustrating thing ever. I spent so much time just saying 'Mama' to my little girl over and over and over and over again. I did not mention the word 'Dada' once and yet she still said 'Dada' first. #fail

3. Your Netflix account will suddenly stop suggesting grown up programmes and movies and instead all you will see is cartoons.
Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer and Paw Patrol will suddenly rule your life. It's torture.

4. You will only have use of 1 hand 95% of the time. You will learn to do everything 1 handed.
Which to be honest its kind of a cool skill.

5. You will have to hide to eat a cookie.
My little one could be eating her own snack or watching her favourite show but as soon as I take a cookie out of the packet she shoots up and suddenly is no longer interested in whatever she's doing. Then your cookie has to be shared regardless of whether you want to or not.

6. Your baby will always look like they have just walked off a baby catwalk whilst you will look mehhh.
You will find yourself planning your little one's outfits, with accessories and shoes to match whilst you will happily your mum uniform of leggings, baggy tee and converse.

7. When you leave the house you practically have to carry its contents in your bag.
When I am about to leave the house my brain automatically thinks of all the different scenarios that could happen whilst we are out. So I end up stuffing a bunch of random stuff in my bag and most of the time don’t get to use any of it. The most frustrating thing is that even though I know I probably won't use most of it I feel like I can't leave the house without it.

8. You will now have an audience whilst sitting on the toilet.
Yep, you read right. You will be sitting on the toilet and suddenly you have a pair of little eyes watching you.

9. It will be very rare that you drink your coffee hot.
On an average day, I probably re-heat the same cup of coffee approximately 4 times and still end up drinking it cold.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed reading. Please follow my blog for more posts just like this.
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