Babys First 1st Christmas Gifts for 2021

Baby's First Christmas Gifts for 2021

The Christmas season is coming closer, and it's time to get festive! The weather outside might be cold, but there's nothing better than the warmth of the Christmas period. This year, make this momentous occasion even more special for your little one with our adorable range of products. We've got something perfect for everyone in your life, including your adorable baby.
It can be hard to find suitable items for your baby's first Christmas 2021, especially when it comes to decorating the house, making sure gifts are safe and getting them into that gorgeous new outfit perfectly. Why not try out some of our ideas below?

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Here is our list of the best range of Baby's First Christmas Gifts on offer this year:

Baby's First Christmas Outfit

Baby's First Christmas Outfit

Baby's First Christmas Outfit will give your baby their very own unique style, so they look great on day one of their big celebrations. They'll feel snug and comfortable. This product comes with free personalisation to the front, just for extra fun on Christmas day! You can choose from a variety of patterns and styles that will suit any child.
Featuring Nordic reds, which is perfect for those looking to emphasize Rudolph or Santa Claus; white sleeves decorated by beautiful snowflakes - these reindeer are so cute it's hard not be drawn into their frosty whimsies (and don't forget how soft they feel against baby skin).

Baby's First Christmas Ornament

Personalised First Christmas Star Decoration

This year, a new Personalised My First Christmas Star Decoration is the perfect addition to any new baby's first Christmas ornament collection. This beautiful ceramic star tree decoration will be a keepsake of your baby's first Christmas.
Personalised in-house by us, it features their name on the bottom and can nicely hang from a tree branch or stand-alone! The 8x8cm size makes them perfect for smaller spaces too.

Stocking up

Baby's First Christmas Stocking

Make sure your little one's have something really special to hang on the mantle piece for Father Christmas this year with this Knitted Red and White Baby's First Christmas Stocking. It's created using thick wool in a red and white 'candy cane' style pattern and feature pocket. It's the perfect way to make some childhood memories and keep them entertained. This cute red-and-white knitted stocking for babies is designed explicitly with its cushiony pocket specially made just for storing small trinkets!

Baby's First Christmas Personalised Bauble

Personalised baby's first Christmas bauble

This My First Christmas Personalised Bauble is an excellent way to remember their first festive period. They are made with large-sized shatterproof baubles, hand-filled multicolour glitter and their name on them! This design comes in both boy or girl versions showing different sides of who they are going into adulthood, bringing an extra sparkle that you won't be able to resist.

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Keepsake Gift ideas

Baby Milestone keepsake Blanket

Trace the first year of your child's life with our Baby Milestone Blanket Keepsake. Made from a soft, cuddly white blanket and accented by wooden age markers to display each milestone (6-9 months, 9-12 etc.), it records that time when everything changed for good!

Educational Toys

A great way to introduce your child to new potentially life-long interests is through educational toys such as musical instruments or building sets. This makes these presents particularly invaluable if you've just given birth to twins! Plus, anything that encourages learning at such an early age will almost certainly help their development in other areas.

Creative Christmas Gifts

Elf Report card and gift box

We love any unique gifts, not just for baby;s but toddlers and young children also. If you aren't too sure what to get as a gift for your little one as a pre Christmas gift, then how about an Elf Report Cards and Post Box. These are perfect to keep them in check over the Christmas period. The elf (or mum or dad) simply fills out the card with their naughty or nice behaviour, then they can post it right back into the box so Santa knows how they've been behaving! ;)

Wooden Toys

Wooden toy for baby's first Christmas

Wooden toys have been around forever because they never go out of fashion! We think people will love a wooden rattle and a teether as it's colourful and fun and can provide hours of entertainment! Not only do they look amazing, but babies adore them too because there's something about wooden toys that makes us feel nostalgic.

Cuddly Christmas Pyjamas

Baby's First Christmas Pyjamas

When babies are first born, they spend most of their time sleeping and very little time awake, especially in the first few weeks. However, when they are awake, you should spend as much time with them as possible because it's incredible how they learn from being around people! An excellent gift for any newborn is a personalised set of Christmas pyjamas so they can stay comfortable all over the festive period.

Happy Christmas!

Make your baby's first Christmas one memorable with a full range of gifts. There is something for everyone, so start early this year and get your gift list ready for your festive needs!