Newborn photoshoot ideas 2021

Creative and Classy Newborn Baby Photoshoot Ideas

Looking for the perfect idea for your baby's newborn photoshoot? We have a selection of themes you'll love.

Everyone says it, and it’s true — the early days go by so quickly. Blink and you’ll miss them. One moment they’re all curled up, sleeping 18-hours a day; the next minute, they’re toddling about the place, demanding juice and Peppa Pig on the television. You’ll want to capture these sweet, early days. Trust us — you’ll want a few photos to look back on and remember how small they were — how tiny their little fingers and toes were, and how angelic they truly are, especially while they’re going through their terrible twos or their threenager years!

A newborn photoshoot is a great keepsake — but there’s always the question of how you want the photos to look. Do you want a traditional black-and-white shot? Or do you want flashes of colour and light? Do you want a classic, bare baby photo, or do you want your baby to pose with a much-loved teddy or muslin?

Let’s have a look at some classy, creative newborn baby photoshoot ideas and find one that’s just right for you.

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1. Have Fun With Flowers

Creative and classy baby photos with flowers 2021

There's something innate in us that seems to love flowers. Most of us are drawn to wildlife and nature, and throughout history, flowers have been associated with love, commitment, celebration and new beginnings. Of course, they are also colourful and cheerful, making them perfect for newborn photoshoots.

Parents and photographers like to incorporate flowers into photoshoots in a variety of ways, including the example above where the baby is placed lovingly in the centre of a bed of flowers. If you’re wondering which flowers to use, daffodils represent rebirth; daises signify innocence and purity, and petunias represent hope.

2. Get Mum and Dad Involved

create mum, dad and baby photoshoot 2021

The birth of a baby isn’t just about a new addition to a household — it’s a new start for everyone. Mum and dad will be forever changed by the presence of an innocent new baby. Priorities and outlooks change; the future is different. And you learn you can love someone else in a way you never experienced before. Why not catch this beautiful relationship on camera?

Getting parents involved in a photoshoot is a lovely, meaningful idea, and it can be done in several ways, from stylish and serious, as above, to playful and uplifting.

3. The Classic Baby Burrito

baby wrap photoshoot ideas 2021

We love the baby burrito. The swaddle is not only comforting for babies, but it’s adorable to see. Keep your newborn calm, safe and secure in a swaddle during your photoshoot — you can even use an old family heirloom or a beautiful new muslin bought just for the occasion — one they will be using and loving for years to come. There’s nothing like the baby burrito photo to show just how delicate and small they once were.

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4. Go Simple, Sophisticated, Pure and White

simple and easy baby photoshoot ideas 2021

As we all know, white signifies innocence and purity — the perfect colour for a newborn baby photoshoot. Drape your baby with a white blanket, use gorgeous white flowers, give them a white teddy to cuddle, and get snapping. There’s something peaceful and calming about the colour, and there is the added benefit that a photo featuring predominantly white will match almost everyone’s decor.

5. Capture Favourite Blankets, Teddies and Keepsakes

baby and teddy photoshoot ideas 2021

We love the idea of including a much-loved keepsake in a newborn baby photo. We have special, personalised teddy bear keepsakes that would be perfect for such an occasion, but you could also use something that has been in the family for years. This will help to make the shoot more meaningful for everyone involved, and as your baby looks back on the photo when they’re much older, they can give their teddy bear a squeeze, knowing it was the very same one from the picture taken when they were just a few weeks old.

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