A Perfect Newborn Baby Hamper

How To Create A Perfect Newborn Baby Hamper?

A new baby is a wonderful addition to any family - and what better way to celebrate than with a handmade hamper full of everything the new little one needs? This comprehensive guide will show you how to put together the perfect newborn hamper, complete with all the essentials for both mum and baby. From nappies to clothes, there's something for everyone in this handy guide!

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When assembling a baby hamper, it's beneficial to keep in mind that the majority of parents today value quality and practicality - choose products they can use rather than items that would clutter their homes.

You may already know what the recipient wants or needs, or you may be able to ask them. Here are some pointers for making the perfect hamper if you'd rather keep it a secret.

4 Gifts Rule

If you don't know what you want or how much money you have to spend on a hamper, there's a social media trend that parents are embracing for their children's birthday and Christmas presents that makes things easier. It is referred to as the "four-gift rule." It's also useful for creating a meaningful hamper that parents and newborns will appreciate and use.

You can use the "four-gift" approach to create a baby hamper that includes the following items:

  1. Something they'll enjoy (such a toy or baby play gyms)
  2. Something they require (for example, muslin cloths or skin care products).
  3. Something to put on (clothes, bibs, hair clips, shoes, etc.)
  4. Something to read (e.g., a book, or, in the case of a baby hamper, a baby record/milestone book or image cards).

If you're making a larger gift basket, you can include many items for each theme. Aim for at least three of these areas if you're working with a limited budget. A teether toy, clothing, and a muslin cloth, for example. You could also give the new parents a an organic nappy balm.

Bigger isn't always better. As an alternative to stuffing your hamper full of inexpensive products, consider including a few high-quality gifts that both mothers and babies are sure to enjoy and appreciate. It's possible you'll expose them to a product or baby brand they'll enjoy. Look for organic cotton or bamboo linen or clothing, and quality baby toys manufactured using sustainable materials.

Mum gifts

When creating a hamper, consider incorporating a few gifts for new parents. Either a treat (think chocolate or wellness gift such as a luxury candle) or something practical (stretch mark oil/moisturiser/exfoliant, for example). Mums require care, as well as a pick-me-up, after going through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum rehabilitation.

Pampering new mum gifts
Luxury new mum gifts


If you're making a gift basket for a baby with older siblings, you might want to think about giving them something, too. It's a purely optional bonus. It's a lovely idea if you have the time and money, or if you're really close to the mother you're gifting to. As simple as adding an extra thing like a colouring book and pencils or some play dough or hair clips or a little toy just to know that the congratulations you send is for them as well!

Create Your Own Hamper

If you want to make your own hamper, here are some ideas for what you might put in an "essentials" basket for mothers and babies.

Large necessities box:

  • Nappies (find out if the parents-to-be prefer cloth or disposable nappies)
  • Nappy cream
  • Bibs
  • Bath gel, moisturiser, and nipple balm that is safe for babies (for breastfeeding mums)
  • Wipes
  • Baby nail clippers (good baby stores sell essential grooming/medicine kits for babies)
  • Thermometer
  • A muslin/baby rug/wrap
  • Baby comb
  • Baby bag/travel change mat
  • Socks, sleepsuits, and clothing

Simple and lovely hamper ideas

Using the four-gift guideline, a simple nice hamper could include:

  1. A cuddly toy (rule #1: Give them something they desire - think "fun").
  2. Skincare products (#2 item on their list of necessities)
  3. Something for the baby to wear (#3) Remember that if the baby is expected to receive a lot of gifts, you should consider purchasing a larger size than 0-3 months.)
  4. A tough book for baby's hands (#4).

+ if you'd like, include something for mother and siblings as well!

Baby cuddle toy
Baby skincare gift
New baby clothes
Baby discovery book

Hamper ideas: Large, useful things to put in the hamper

If you're going to a baby shower in person and can bring bigger things, here are some other ideas:

A teething toy/baby play area
Weaning baby floor seat/baby cutlery and feeding set
A blanket or outfit for the baby.
A keepsake picture book or tale picture book

Whatever you choose, good luck with your hampering. Consider it a fun and educational experience!

How to wrap a baby hamper:

Choose a recyclable box large enough to hold the contents
Find beautiful recycled tissue papers and a lovely big red bow to finish off
Wrap contents in recyclable packaging and voila!

The perfect baby hamper to gift to your loved ones.

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