Our Effortless Baby Hampers for Twins

Our Effortless Baby Hampers for Twins

One of the best ways to show someone how much you care is simply through gift-giving. Yes, there is something so wonderful about giving and receiving gifts. It’s a fantastic way to let someone know you were thinking of them and just wanted to make them happy. This is even more apparent to families expecting their little bundles of jobs.

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This is even more apparent when it comes to twins. Whether you’re a parent or not, it can be difficult to figure out what to buy someone expecting. If you need twin boy gifts or twin girl gifts, we have some of the best twin baby hampers! Let’s dive into our best twin baby gifts so you can figure out what to buy!

Twins Baby Hamper - Large

twin baby hamper

Perfectly suitable for newborns up to three months of age, you’ll find this suitable for twin girls or twin boys. It's a great gift when you’re unsure what to buy for soon-to-be parents, but it lets them know that you have put a lot of love and attention into buying it. The Twins Baby Hamper in size large is one of the best selection from The Baby Hamper Company.

The aden + anais muslin cloths are two major favorites in the hamper. It’s one of the very best and useful gifts that any newborn parent could expect to receive. Covered in the cutest designs, These muslin clothes are handy for a plethora of uses, and we’re sure they’ll become a go-to for all those little messes and spills the little one makes.

Another major favorite would be the two cotton bodysuits; those little cuties will be sporting gender-neutral stars and stripes, which can be perfect as an undergarment. Newborn parents can never have enough cloths and clothes for their twins; our box likes to take it up a notch. We include the Taf Toy Rattle ring and a silicone bread teether toy. They’re timeless and expensive for keeping those little hands busy.

Twins Baby Hamper - Luxury

luxury baby twins gift box

If you want to go the extra mile for that lovely hamper, then we have just the perfect suggestion! Newborn parents absolutely love our Twin Baby Hamper Luxury package! But, just like our Large box, you can count on this being even better! This luxury newborn gift hamper is unisex, so it’s perfectly suitable for boys and girls. Plus, it’s perfect for newborns up to three months old. This immediately takes out any stress of what to buy, especially if the parents are keeping the gender a secret or for fraternal twins. So, what makes this twin-baby hamper so luxurious?

Like the large twins' baby hamper, you can expect two aden + anais muslin clothes, two cotton sleep suits displaying stripes, and the other with stars. However, our luxury box contains so many products for the two bundles of joy, and this includes a fantastic unwrapping experience thanks to every gift-wrapped hamper. So, what are some of the lovely additions to the luxury hamper?
You’ll get two adorable cottons knotted hats featuring grey and white designs. These match perfectly with the cotton bodysuits. So whether it’s summer or winter-born twins, you can count on these coming in handy. Plus, they’re perfect for newborns up to six months old, thanks to the stretch in the cotton fabric. Plus, some little white socks to keep those feet warm, setting those twins up for the cutest outfit!

But it doesn’t stop there! The Skip Hop Moon Stroller toy is bound to be a favorite for the twin, even the Matchstick Monkey teether toy.
These brightly coloured toys are perfect for stimulating babies and keeping them entertained. But we here at The Baby Hamper Company believe that baby skincare is important. This is why our luxury hamper comes with two fabulous products to help the health of the little ones. Our ‘And Relax’ lip balm tin is a perfect fit, even for the fullest of nappy bags. This soothing moisturising lip bam contains aromatherapy essential oils, which are guaranteed to relax any fussy baby. Parents love our Organic Monkey Nappy Balm, which is suitable for all skin types and perfect for preventing those terrible nappy rashes.

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If you’re purchasing a hamper for twins, please note that you can add two of our other hampers to your shopping cart, and all the gifts will be beautifully packed into one hamper. In addition, all of our hamper boxes come with free luxury gift wrap!