Our Top Pick of Baby Sensory Toys

Our Top Pick of Baby Sensory Toys Your Little One Will Love

Being a baby is a unique time in a person’s life. Everything is new, and there are plenty of things in the world that feel strange and difficult to understand. Baby’s spend a lot of their time learning, using their senses to gather information about their environment that will help them as they get older. Here at The Baby Hamper Company, we have plenty of sensory toys that are designed to help with development.

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Taf Toys Polar Pyramid Stroller Toy

Taf Toys Polar Pyramid

Taf Toys Polar Pyramid Pram Toy

The first item we are going to look at is this great Taf Toys Polar Pyramid Stroller Toy. Designed to attach to the hood of your stroller, this toy dangles down in front of your child to give them a true sensory experience. A different face is found on each side of the pyramid, with hanging toys that exhibit a range of different textures. Most parents will be happy when they see the Taf Toys label on this product.

Taf Toys Kimmy the Koala

Taf Toys Kimmy the Koala Baby Toy

Taf Toys Kimmy Koala Baby Development Toy

As another great option from Taf Toys, this Taf Toys Kimmy the Koala toy is a great choice for parents looking for a simple toy that can stimulate the senses. The toy makes a rattling noise while being shaken, alongside being filled with different materials that create a unique feel across the toy. A built-in teether can also be found on this koala, making it a good option for slightly older babies.

Touch Ring Rattle in Rainbow

Wooden Rainbow Touch Rattle Ring

Traditional toys have been popular for so long for a reason. Options like this Touch Ring Rattle in Rainbow give your baby the chance to explore their sense of touch safely, all while having some fun in the process. Made from non-toxic materials, this item is ideal for children who like to chew without forcing you to stop them. Of course, though, it’s always worth looking for a range of options like this to keep your child’s mind active.

Lamaze Discovery Book

Lamaze Baby Discovery Senory Book

Designed to give young children the chance to explore textures, this Lamaze Discovery Book is perfect for children with active minds. Filled with friendly woodland creatures and a huge range of textures, this small book is a great way to spark an interest in materials in your child’s mind. With 8 pages to explore, this toy is sure to keep your child’s attention for a long time, giving you the chance to keep them occupied for longer.

Lamaze baby toys have always been a firm favourite here at The Baby Hamper Company. Shop online from our full range of Lamaze Baby Toys.

Taf Toys Mini Moon Rattle

Taf Toys Mini Moon Baby Rattle easy Hold

Taf Toys Mini Moon Baby rattle

Next up, it’s time to look at another option from Taf Toys. This Mini Moon Rattle is designed to be shaken, tossed, and even chewed, with a small plush moon found at the top and a plastic ring that is filled with colourful beads below it. This product is designed to be easy to take around with you, providing the chance to develop your baby’s fine motor skills with a toy that is both safe and fun to play with.

Skip Hop Unicorn Bandana Buddy Soft Toy

Skip Hop Unicorn baby toy

Skip Hop Unicorn Bandana Buddy

Made by the well-known toy company Skip Hop, this Unicorn Bandana Buddy Soft Toy is designed to provide a sensory experience on the go. The toy features a range of textures for your child to explore, along with a buggy clip that can be used to ensure that the toy never gets lost. This toy is brightly coloured and extremely cute, giving your child something fun and safe to enjoy when you are out and about.

There are a lot of products on the market that are designed to put your child’s senses to the test. This can be a great way to teach your little ones, while also giving them something that they will find fun to play with. It’s always worth keeping in mind that your children are always learning, and even the smallest steps can make a huge difference during this time in their lives.

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