Our Tried and Tested Dad and Baby Hampers

Our Tried and Tested Dad and Baby Hampers

Everyone is always talking about purchasing gifts for mum and baby, but what about dad and baby? Dad is just as much an important part of your baby’s life, and they deserve recognition and a little pampering too. The good news is that we have got some fantastic tried and tested dad and baby hampers and singular gifts that make the perfect gift for any occasion, or even no occasion at all. We’re going to be taking a look at some of the information you need about these hampers, so keep reading if you would like to find out more.

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Our Beautiful Hampers

We have three different baby hampers available for you to purchase in our dad and baby hamper range and they are as follows:

  • Luxury
  • Large
  • Medium

Depending on your budget and what you’re looking for, we’re sure that one of these is going to be a fantastic choice. In our luxury hamper you will get a grey baby sleepsuit, a large swaddle, and baby milestone cards for the little one. Each of these products are fantastic for baby, helping you to document the time that is whizzing by and keeping them in comfort. For dad, we’ve got a scented candle, a luxury chocolate bar and a coffee bag gift box to keep you awake on those sleepless nights. It’s a fantastic gift for anyone who has just become a dad, or indeed if you know that a new dad is struggling in the beginning to give them a little pick me up.

Luxury dad and baby hamper

Luxury Dad and Baby Hamper

If you look over in the contents of the large hamper, you will find a few little bits for baby such as a little koala toy and a few items of clothing, and then the gifts for dad from the luxury hamper. You’ll find that our large hamper is very similar to our luxury hamper, with only a few little differences for the upgrade!

Dad and new baby hamper large

Dad and Baby Hamper Large

The medium hamper is more for dad than it is for baby, with all of our luxurious treats for dad, with a little rainbow rattle and romper suit for the little one. If you’re ever not sure about purchasing a hamper, then the medium option is what we would recommend. With a toy for baby and some relaxing treats for dad, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

Dad and baby hamper medium

Dad and Baby Hamper, Medium

Some Of Our Little Gifts

If you’re looking to purchase a gift for dad on his own, then we have options for this too. You can look into purchasing our handmade sea salt caramel chocolate bar for those who have a sweet tooth, or a coffee bag gift set for the coffee lovers out there. In those first few months, those that drink coffee are going to rely on it heavily to get through the sleepless days, so it’s a perfect idea!

Cocoba sea salt caramel bar
Little coffee bag gift set

There is also the option to go for the relaxing choice, as we have on offer Himalayan bath salts. While you might think that these are traditionally more suited as a gift to the mother, dad needs to relax just as much. Sometimes a soak in the tub with a little something extra can really help, especially when your back and muscles are sore from all the holding and moving around. It’s just a little creature comfort but it can make the world of difference to someone who is stressed out or tired.

Corrine Taylor luxury bath salts
Seven scents new dad candle

When Should You Purchase Gifts?

The best time to purchase gifts for parents is when the baby is born. It can be extremely difficult in the beginning stages, and often parents forget to look after themselves, let alone purchase those little luxuries and comforts. As such, we recommend this as the best time to get them a little something! Often, when people do remember to get something for the parents, dad is left out and we don’t want that to be the case. We want all dads to be recognised for the hard work that they do, even if it’s just in the form of a little gift to say that you’re doing a great job.

Or, if you know that a dad you know is finding things particularly difficult right now, then a little gift might give them a little mood boost.

If you are ever in need of a gift for a dad that you know, a little baby, or even both, then you know where to buy! You also now know why our products are the best, and when it’s a great time to give out these gifts!

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