Spotlight on our range of Lamaze Sensory Baby Toys

Spotlight on our range of Lamaze Sensory Baby Toys

A happy baby makes a happy parent. Your baby is a bundle of joy that deserves nothing but the best. And few things make a baby happy and occupied than the perfect collection of baby toys. That's exactly what we offer you at The Baby Hamper Company. We source our baby toy collection from only the best manufacturers to bring you some of the finest baby toys your bundle of joy will love.

May we present to you the best Lamaze brand baby toys stocked just for you.

Not only are these toys cool, but they've also been designed to aid your little one's development. They feature bright and attractive colours, innovative designs, and textures to give the best sensory baby toys. Our collection of toys is also affordable. So, if you're looking for the best Lamaze pram toys, here is a spotlight on our range of Lamaze sensory baby toys you will love.

Lamaze Discovery Book

Lamaze discovery book

Imagine yourself relaxing, sipping a cup of coffee, and reading your favourite book while your little one is distracted by the Lamaze Discovery Book. Don't worry about your baby not knowing how to read, as this book features bright colours and soft textures designed to keep their little minds engaged while encouraging baby exploration. Babies are curious little creatures, and anything that feeds their curiosity will keep them occupied.

The Lamaze Discovery Book comes in a friendly design with woodland characters to keep your little one coming back for more. Each book has eight colourful bright pages that engage your baby's developing mind. Also, there are amazing surprises between those pages!

This book is great for playing at home or outside. Each book measures approximately 10 by 10 cm, making it the ideal size to pack along for a trip with your baby. The great thing is that your baby can start enjoying this book right from birth.

A quick summary of the main features of the Lamaze Discovery Book includes the following:

  • A soft baby book made with bright fabric
  • Perfect for playtime both at home or out and about
  • Lots of amazing textures for your child to explore

Lamaze Rusty, The Robot Sensory Baby Toy

Lamaze Rusty the Robot

Sensory toys have been proven to help strengthen a baby's brain development, enhance their memory, and help them improve their hand-to-eye coordination. And our Lamaze Rusty baby toy robot is the perfect sensory play partner for your baby. With Rusty The Robot, your baby has an engaging and stimulating play partner that can offer entertainment for several hours.

We understand how tiring parenting can be, and sometimes you'll prefer to have some peace of mind to rest or do things you enjoy. That's where Rusty The Robot steps in, as the toy is designed to engage your baby while you grab some much-needed "me-time."

This sensory baby toy measures approximately 27 cm and features a ratcheting head and a bendable body that allows the baby to play with it in various ways. The design also features a link attachment that makes it easy to carry the toy. Maintaining this toy is also easy, as it only requires gentle hand washing periodically.

With a Rusty Sensory Baby Toy, you and your baby will enjoy:

  • A sensory robot baby toy
  • A built-in buggy clip feature
  • A ratcheting head and bendable toy body
  • A toy that comes with bright and attractive colours
  • A toy your baby can use right from birth

Lamaze Tilly Twinklewings Unicorn Baby Toys

Lamaze Unicorn Baby Toy

Yes, unicorns are real, and our Lamaze Tilly Twinklewings Unicorn baby toy is the proof. Like the other sensory toys we have in our collection, the Tilly Twinklewings Unicorn Baby Toy is designed to create an engaging playtime experience for your baby.

The design features bright and attention-grabbing colours any baby would love. The toy is made with soft, tactile fabrics that make playing fun and maintenance a breeze. You'll appreciate the toy's sound feature if you need to keep a baby distracted for hours. It has lots of sounds and great different textures that will keep a baby's mind preoccupied for several hours. Also, if you're heading out with your baby, there's no reason to leave this toy behind, as it comes with a buggy clip that makes it easy to carry it along.

With each Lamaze Tilly Twinklewings Unicorn Baby toy, you can expect the following:

  • A toy size that is approximately 15 cm
  • A toy designed to look like a unicorn with amazing sounds and great textures
  • A sensory toy to enhance brain development
  • A built-in buggy clip to carry around easily

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