The Parental XY Factor | 20 Successful Celebrities Parents Professions

The Parental XY Factor | 20 Successful Celebrities Parents Professions

The influence that a parent can have on their child when raising them knows almost no bounds – from fashion sense and music taste, all the way through to their moral compass, the impact Mum and Dad have is hugely important.

Regardless of what areas of life they influence though, the vast majority of parents want the best for their kids. Often this involves them growing up to do a job that they enjoy and that will provide for them and their families – but how much do the jobs a parent has or had an impact on what their child chooses to do? How many lawyers have future-lawyers? How many doctors have future-doctors?

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In this blog post, we decided to take a look at 20 successful individuals to see what their parents did for a living and how this may have influenced their lives and the profession they chose for themselves.

Did Kanye West’s mother being an English professor, shape how he manipulates language for his music? Did Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s father being a pro wrestler lead to his son choosing the same profession? What did Donald Trumps parents do? We take a look at some fascinating stories in “The Parental XY Factor” to find out.

The Parental XY Factor | 20 jobs that successful celebrities parents had

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