Babys First Christmas

Unique Personalised Gifts For Baby's First Christmas

When you are a new parent, there are so many things you need to think about, including what to get your baby for their first Christmas season. In this post, we run through some thoughtful personalised first Christmas gifts you might want to consider. Check them out below.

Personalised First Christmas Baby Bauble In Multicolour

Baby's First Christmas Bauble 2021
Personalised Christmas baby baubles make for a great addition to your tree. These decorations aren’t a toy. Instead, they are a symbolic celebration of the new life in your family, and something that you can hang on the tree for years to come.
These Multicolour first Christmas baby baubles are precisely what you would expect. They are made of a shatter-proof outer shell and rainbow glitter inside, with a personalised inscription that relates to your baby, such as “baby Thomas” or “baby Sarah.”
The design is refreshingly simple, allowing you to pair it with practically any Christmas theme. And it comes with a handy silver ribbon which makes it easy to hang.

First Christmas Baby Outfit -Reindeer Print

Personalised First Christmas Baby Outfit
If you’re looking for something to keep your baby warm (and looking incredibly cute), then you might want to consider a First Christmas Baby Outfit with reindeer print. This onesie features a seasonal print on the arms, feet and back, plus an attractive reindeer motif on the front. You can add a personalised name for your baby too, making the gift even more unique.
The first Christmas Baby Outfit is made with parents in mind. It has an envelope neckline and popper leg fastening which makes baby changing easy. You just un-pop the buttons to change nappies or get them ready for bed. It is that simple. It is also easy to wash, so if your baby has an accident, it doesn’t matter. You just pop it in the washing machine and it’ll be ready the next day.

Baby’s First Christmas Hamper - Medium

Baby's First Christmas hamper 2021
If you’re not exactly sure what to get your baby, then you can’t go wrong with the Baby’s First Christmas Hamper. The medium version contains all sorts of goodies that they will absolutely love. These include a “ho ho ho” bib for catching any spillages, a cute elf hat and a personalised tree decoration (similar to the one we talked about above). The hamper also comes with a special Cocoba chocolate lolly, made of milk chocolate. It’s a sweet treat for the most festive time of the year.
If you already have a lot of wrapping to do over the Christmas season, the Baby’s First Christmas Hamper comes gift-wrapped for you, complete with a cute red bow, as standard. You can also get it delivered directly to your door, letting you skip all the crowds at the shops.

Personalised My First Christmas Star Decoration

Personalised First Christmas Tree Decoration
The Personalised My First Christmas Star Decoration is another baby's first Christmas keepsake you can buy for your baby today and then treasure for a lifetime. It features a white ceramic star with a small star motif and the option to personalise with your baby’s name. It attaches to the tree with a red and white striped ribbon with a cute rose gold bell at the end, just to make it that little bit more seasonable.
What’s great about this decoration is that, like the multicoloured bauble, it’s suitable for both boys and girls. It’s also neutral, meaning that it won’t conflict with your other Christmas tree decorations. It’s just a special reminder of this precious time in your life – your baby’s first ever Christmas.

First Christmas Baby Outfit – Nordic Print

Personalised Baby's First Christmas outfit

The First Christmas Baby Outfit in Nordic print is a super soft sleepsuit for both boys and girls. The front is plain white, while the arms, feet and back feature a Nordic print of snowflakes, fine trees, and reindeer in grey, white and red. In the front and middle of the garment sits your baby’s name, surrounded by a wreath of seasonal foliage.

Things can get a little cold for babies during the winter months, so this sleepsuit is ideal. Its 100 percent cotton fabric keeps your child’s body warm and protects them from head to toe. The garment features a popper leg fastening and an envelope neckline for easy changing. So, as with the reindeer print onesie, it’s easy to whip it off and wash it, should your baby have an accident.

Personalised My First Christmas Baby Bauble In Silver

Personalised Christmas bauble 2021
The personalised My First Christmas Baby Bauble in Silver makes a wonderful addition to any tree. As with the other baubles discussed so far, it has a neutral appearance, which means that you can pair it with virtually any tree decor scheme. And, as before, it is also personalised, allowing you to write your baby’s name on the front, plus the year of their birth. For instance, the granddaughter first Christmas bauble might say “Sophie, 2021.” A grandson first Christmas bauble might say “John, 2021.”
The bauble is shatterproof, meaning that it won’t present a hazard to your child. It is hand-filled with silver glitter and features an attractive silver ribbon that you can hook over your tree. The design is sparkly and the perfect memento of this special time in your baby’s life. The size is a standard 8 cm. The perfect First Christmas Keepsake for Baby.

Baby’s First Christmas T Shirt And Leggings Set

Personalised First Christmas Baby Outfit

Lastly, the Baby’s First Christmas T Shirt And Leggings Set is the perfect way to dress your new child for the season. It comes in two parts: a white long-sleeve t-shirt top and red and white striped baby yoga pants and is suitable for children up to 3 months in age.
The top is plain white and features a personalised inscription, surrounded by stars. For instance, you might write “Olivia’s FIRST Christmas.” The red and white striped leggings feature narrow-striped alternating bands of red and white before concluding in a thicker ankle-hugging white band at the bottom to retain heat.
Baby’s First Christmas T Shirt and Leggings set is available with matching hats and other items. Order it in the UK or worldwide.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it: some unique personalised first Christmas gifts for your baby. Which will you choose?
We hope you've enjoyed this First Christmas buying guide to help you choose the perfect gift for your new baby. You might also be interested to read Baby's First Christmas Gifts for 2021, Baby's First Christmas Ideas (To Make This Year Special) and 6 Easy Baby Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

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