What are the essential clothing items to buy for a newborn baby

What Are The Essential Clothing Items To Buy For a Newborn Baby?

When you have a new baby, you will need to kit it out with all the relevant baby clothes that it could need. While this is a great fun thing to do, you also need to make sure you are practical and strategic with it as you’re going to have your hands full once your little one gets here and won’t have time to be wandering round the shops. If you are looking for the essential clothing to buy for a newborn baby, you need to consider the time of year they are going to be born in and what sort of age they will be as the months progress. This can determine the sorts of clothes you need to purchase and what different sizes you might require. Here we have put together some of the essential clothes for a newborn that you can tick off your list.


Sleepsuits are an essential for a newborn baby and they will practically live in them for the first few months of their lives. Sleep suits are ideal as they are practical, easy to get on and off when the baby needs their nappy changed and are convenient to pop in your bag when you are going out. It's a good idea to have at least six different sleep suits as the chances are your baby might go through a few in one day, particularly at the beginning. You can dress them in sleepsuits for when they go to bed as well as during the day. Why not choose a sleepsuit in a pattern such as with animals or stars on? It will both look adorable and also be practical!

White grey stripe essential sleepsuit
White grey star essential sleepsuit
White printed essential babygro


If your baby is born in the colder months, bodysuits are an ideal extra layer to be worn underneath their sleep suits. If your baby is born in warmer weather, bodysuits can be worn as an outfit in their own right, keeping your little one cool. Bodysuits are great as they have small poppers that fasten between the legs making them easy to take on and off with minimal effort required. You can get plain bodysuits or ones with patterns depending on what you are looking for. It’s a good idea to have a host of different bodysuits in case one gets soiled - you can also pop a couple in your changing bag for when you’re out and about and need to do a quick change.

Grey star and white essential baby bodysuit t shirt
White and grey stripe essential baby vest
White bunny printed essential baby bodysuit

Cardigans for spring, summer and autumn

Cardigans are another essential item for all year round and it is a good idea to get a few in different colours. Babies can't regulate their temperature properly, particularly when they are first born, so it's important you can easily cool them down (by removing their cardigan) or warm them up by popping one on if they get chilly. You could get cardigans that are more of a thick knit if your baby is due in the winter months, or something a little more lightweight if they are born during the spring and summer.

Personalised essential baby cardigan


Hats are one of the most necessary parts of a baby's attire. Not only do they look adorable, but they are also needed for practical purposes too. As said above, babies can't regulate their temperature and can get colder much faster than adults do. The head is where most of the heat is lost from the body and also where it leaves the quickest, so it is important you pop a hat on their heads to avoid this from happening. In the winter there are special insulated hats you can buy and in the summer there are also special sun hats to ensure your little one isn't exposed to the sun too much. Babies from 0-6 months shouldn't use sun cream so if your baby is born in the summer you will want to keep them as shaded as possible.

Grey white stripe baby hat
Grey knotted baby hat

Muslin squares

Introducing the perfect accessory for new parents: muslin cloths! These versatile cloths can be used to clean up spills, as a burp cloth, as a tummy time mat, and even as a breast feeding cover up. Made of soft, absorbent cotton, they are perfect for keeping your little one clean and comfortable. So don't go without your muslin cloths - make sure you have plenty in stock ahead of baby's arrival!

aden +anais baby muslin cloth
aden + anais boys muslin cloths


There are so many reasons why blankets are a vital addition to your baby's wardrobe. These are important for keeping your baby warm and cosy and can also be used as a swaddle to help your baby to feel secure and safe. You can use a blanket to tuck round them when you are out in the cold taking them on a walk, for the baby to lay on and so many other times. Blankets can come in a range of different sizes with a host of patterns and colours to choose from.

Newborn baby grey cellular blanket
Cotton grey star and stripe baby pram blanket


Never underestimate how many socks you’ll need for your newborn! Socks are an integral addition to your baby's clothes and are ideal for keeping their feet warm. Babies tend to have poor circulation which can mean their feet get much colder than adults and need socks to keep them warm even when you think the weather feels hotter. It’s a good idea to purchase a number of socks as they tend to be one of those items that get lost, with babies pulling them off or them falling off on their own accord.

Bear face new baby socks
Bunny face baby socks

Winter Snow Suits and Pram Coats

When the weather gets cold, it's important to have a winter snow suit. Winter suits and pram coats are designed with extra layers of clothing to keep your baby nice and warm. Snow suits need to be well fitting so maybe wait until one is required before purchasing as it is very easy to get sizing wrong - one year it might be very cold in November and another it might be very cold in February, which might really affect clothing sizes for a new baby. Pram coats are really handy for short pram trips when the weather is not quite as cold and perfect for car trips.

These are just a few of the essential clothing items to buy for a newborn baby. By being prepared in advance you can rest easy knowing you have everything sorted for when your little one arrives. Try to buy a few of each item so you have spares in case one gets lost, soiled or shrinks in the wash.

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