What to give as a baby shower gift

What to Give as a Baby Shower Gift (Ideas to Inspire You)

Are you looking for a memorable, meaningful, quality present for someone special? Check out our guide on what to give as a baby shower gift

Are you getting ready for a baby shower? Maybe you’re throwing the event for the lucky parent-to-be. There are so many things to prepare and organise — you want to make sure everyone has a great time, the mum is relaxed and everything goes to plan. Of course, you also need the perfect gift to show just how much you care.

So what should you buy for such a special occasion? In this guide, we discuss what to give as a baby shower gift. No matter who you’re buying for, you’re guaranteed to get some inspiration from the beautiful, meaningful gifts below.

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First — A Note About Baby Showers

The key to buying the perfect gift for a baby shower is to remember that a baby shower is about two people — the mother and the baby that’s just around the corner. It’s such a special time, but it’s also an emotional one. At times like this, an expectant mother needs to feel supported and surrounded by people who care. So while you’re getting caught up in baby clothes (we don’t blame you!) don’t forget to treat mum, too. She’s going to go through a lot over the next few months, and she deserves a bit of pampering — so don’t forget the bath salts and the chocolate!

Baby Shower Hamper

At The Baby Hamper Company, we ship our items in boxes, and they're filled with luxury items like Aden + Anais muslins, Baby Bunting hats and Organic Monkey massage oils. We also make sure to remember mum, including relaxing candles, chocolates and lip balm. Baby shower hampers are a great way to show you care — they spoil mum while also giving her beautiful, useful items to enjoy once the baby comes along.

Baby Keepsakes (to Preserve Memories)

Newborns are only tiny for so long. They grow up in a flash and before you know it they’re teenagers. Baby keepsakes make a perfect baby shower gift. Babies can be snapped alongside their milestone cards, reminding parents of the first time they smiled, the first time they rolled over and — that joyful day — the first time they slept through the night.

You can also use milestone cards to track how much a baby changes physically from one week to the next. Mum and dad will look back at the photos in a year’s time wondering how their baby was ever that little.

Or you might want to go for a personalised keepsake tin, to house all those treasures from the early days, including the baby's hospital bracelet or their first lock of hair. The early days pass by in such a haze of chaos and emotion — parents will be pleased for these keepsakes one day, and they’ll have you to thank.

Baby Blankets (to Help Baby Snooze)

Did you know that newborns sleep for 17 hours a day? That’s nearly as much as a koala. It might not seem like they sleep that much when they’re waking you up continually throughout the night, but sleep is so important at this stage. Their little bodies and brains are growing, and we need to do all we can to keep them safe, secure and sleeping soundly.

A baby blanket makes for an adorable baby shower gift, and one you know will be used every single day. Or you might consider buying a swaddle blanket for the baby shower — Aden + Anais swaddle blankets are huge, gentle and soft on newborn baby skin, and their beautiful, neutral designs will be a hit with anyone. It’s just the ticket for keeping a baby secure and comforted, giving mum a chance of sleeping at night!

Baby Toys (Because How Could You Resist?)

What's a baby shower without a few lovingly-selected baby toys? Let's be honest — they’re too cute to resist. But what type of toys are you going to pick? You can go for a cuddly toy — something the baby will sleep with and treasure for years on end. Or you could go for a newborn toy like a rattle — to keep them entertained while they're too young to get up to mischief. Or you could go for a baby teether — we guarantee you that mum will thank you on those nights she’s desperately trying to soothe a fussy, teething baby.

Personalised Baby Gifts (for Something Truly Special)

There’s something special about personalised gifts. If the guest of honour knows what she is going to be naming her baby, and has shared it with you, then a personalised baby gift would be a perfect pick.

There's a lot to choose from. You could go for a personalised babygrow. Or if you want to gift something that can be enjoyed for much longer, you could go for a personalised muslin or a bedroom pennant flag.

Adorable Baby Clothes (from Rompers to Bibs)

We know they’ll grow out of them in a blink of an eye, but baby clothes are so special — every mum will want to unwrap a few beautiful rompers on their baby shower, knowing in no time at all they’ll be wrestling tiny hands and feet through the sleeves.

What if the gender of the baby is being kept under wraps? That’s no problem — some of the most gorgeous baby clothes are unisex, with beautiful accents of grey and cream. You can also include a few baby bibs — because you can genuinely never have enough clean bibs in the house.

Gift Voucher (to Give Mum the Final Say)

Still not exactly sure what to buy for the baby shower? That’s the great thing about getting a gift voucher — you give mum-to-be an opportunity to truly spoil herself and buy exactly what she wants. Whether it’s a keepsake, a personalised gift or even socks, you can be sure she’ll put that money to good use.

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