Babies are something to be celebrated, and parents want to provide the best for their children. Whether you’ve recently welcomed a bundle of joy of your own into the world, or you have friends or family who have, you need a trusted brand of baby supplies.
This is where aden + anais come into the picture. So, who are aden + anais, and what makes them so exciting for new parents? Well, they are a designer baby brand who make all kinds of luxury baby products that a newborn needs and they are one of our favourite brands here at The Baby Hamper Company.
Read on to learn more about what sets aden + anais apart from the rest.

aden + anais jungle print baby muslin cloth

Natural, Breathable Materials

aden + anais products, such as this soft and silky security blanket, are made with natural cotton muslin. All their muslin products are made with the name natural cotton, which is soft and breathable.
Muslin is a particularly useful material and can be used for all kinds of things. aden + anais muslin squares have this versatility in mind. You can use these simple squares for wiping your baby’s mouth, catching spit-ups, lining the floor during tummy time, or cleaning up all kinds of little mishaps.
Newborn babies have incredibly sensitive skin, which means that you need to be careful when purchasing certain products. The natural cotton used for these products is intended to be kind to your baby’s skin so that you needn’t worry about causing irritation or discomfort.
The breathability of this cotton makes it great for all times of the year. The material can provide an extra layer of protection and warmth in the winter, but it’s also great to use in the heat of summer as well.
Of course, babies can be rambunctious little beings, but this natural cotton is also very robust. These products are durable enough to last and perfectly safe for your baby.

aden + anais security blanket

aden + anais twinkle stars baby security blanket

aden + anais twinkle stars security blanket

Adorable Designs

aden + anais don’t just focus on what feels nice, but they also believe in style. Their hand-crafted designs and attractive prints are stylish and cute enough for any baby. Even when it comes to a perfectly practical product like a burpy bib, you can’t help but notice the adorable and clever designs.
You could always go for a plainer style, but where’s the fun in that? Children and babies are drawn to colours and patterns that get their little minds working, so why not integrate it into every part of their every day ensemble?
These product designs aren’t just cute, but they’re practical as well. For example, the burpy bib mentioned earlier is specifically designed to mop up any unfortunate spit-ups while you’re burping your baby. Rather than your clothes getting stained, the burpy bib will catch it all. They also snap closed at the back for easy attachment, ideal for busy mums!

aden + anais tiger print burp bib

aden + anais burping bibs

aden + anais Dancing Tigers burping bibs

The Perfect Gifts

As you may have noticed, babies require a lot of supplies. It’s common for mothers to receive gifts from friends and family to lighten the load. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to buy for new mothers, especially if you aren’t a parent yourself.
This is where aden + anais muslin products come in handy. Muslin cloths, blankets, and burpy bibs are always needed. These items are constantly being used, messed up, then washed, which means that it's easy for a stressed-out parent to run out of these vital supplies.
Not only that, the beauty of these products means that your gift will still bring a smile to their faces. It’s not only practical, but it’s also a personalised gift from you to your loved ones. For example, you could buy a personalised bunny security blanket.
This blanket is adorable and feels silky smooth, so babies and toddlers will love it. The personalisation makes it so much more special, as does the floppy bunny. As with other gifts, this can be specially gift wrapped and sent to the parents of the little bundle of joy. It’s wonderfully soft for the perfect aden + anais swaddle when they’re a newborn, but it can also provide a great sleeping aid for older infants.

Personalised aden + anais bunny security blanket

Personalised aden + anais baby gifts

aden + anais personalised bunny comforter

Of course, there are plenty of other products that may catch your attention. Whether you want to go for the luxurious aden + anais sleeping bag, or you’d rather stick to something simpler and no less practical, like the versatile muslin cloths, you can’t go wrong.

Baby sleeping bag by aden + anais

Cotton muslin baby sleeping bag

Twinkle stars baby sleeping bag by aden + anais

It’s always important to use a trusted brand for purchases that you care about, and this is especially true for your baby supplies. You want to make sure that the products will be gentle on your baby’s skin, but sturdy enough to cope with multiple washes.

Here at The Baby Hamper Company we love aden + anais products because of their versatility of use, the quality of the products and the fun and funky prints and designs which always make our baby hampers look am-az-ing!

Add an aden + anais product to your new baby gift today and you be sure to send your new parents not only something that they will love, but also it will be one of the most useful baby products you could send them!