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      Looking for baby Christening gift ideas? We have a selection of the best unique and special Christening presents and Christening hampers to buy online today.
      Whether you are a godparent or grandparent, or a baptism guest, and you are out of ideas as to what to purchase for the little one, we can help! With keepsake and heirloom gifts for boys and girls, and products to suit all budgets, you need to look no further.

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      About Our Christening Gifts

      A Christening is a Christian ceremony, where a baby or child is welcomed into the Christian faith by baptising them with water. A Baptism and Christening are the same thing. The ceremony is usually carried out on babies or young children in the church. The parents of the child to be Christened nominate godparents for their child. The responsibility of the godparents is to guide the child through life, both spiritually and in day-to-day life to encourage them to make good life choices.

      Traditionally, we purchase a gift for the child who will be baptised. We give a gift to welcome the child into the Christian faith. Christening presents often chosen for the baby will be a keepsake or heirloom product that will remind them into adulthood of this special day. Guests frequently choose personalised items that include the name of the child and the date of the Christening as a reminder of the day. Meaningful Christening gifts are given to girls and boys alike.

      A Christening is not all about presents, but people who are close to the little boy or girl will often want to give a gift in remembrance of this milestone in a child's life, such as godparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Typically most people will spend around £20 to £100 on a gift, with an average spend of £50.

      An appropriate Christening gift is a memento of the Christening day. It is also a good idea to choose something that will be used and meaningful in later life as older children and adults. Some good baptism gift ideas would be -

      • A keepsake box - this can be personalised with the date of the baptism and can be used to store items that the child treasures.
      • A money box - to save up all their pennies.
      • An heirloom doll - to play with when they get older.
      • A blanket - a personalised blanket makes a great gift as they are often used as a shawl to wrap around the baby during the service.
      • A personalised soft toy - such as a teddy makes a really special present as they will treasure it through childhood.
      • Nursery decoration - an alternative gift idea

      Anything you choose as a gift should be high quality and reflect that you have been thoughtful as to what the child might like as they grow up.

      Did you know that the best christening gift or Christening hamper should be great and meaningful? It's the first present given to your baby. Make sure it is worth remembering so he or she will always remember you.

      Being chosen as a godparent is a very proud moment and you should feel very honoured. As regards choosing a gift for your new godson or goddaughter, you should choose something that will remind them of the special day but also maybe something personal to you. If for instance, you are a sports person, a personalised keepsake football would be a good unique choice, or if you loved dollies as a child, then an heirloom doll might be another thoughtful Christening gifts from godparents.

      Anyone invited to a Christening should be prepared to take a gift. A Christening is an important milestone in life for someone who follows the Christian faith, and giving gifts signifies the passing of the important day. Depending on how close to the child you are usually denotes what value of gift you give. Grandchildren, nieces and nephews are a close relations so it would be expected that you take along a gift.

      A traditional Christening gift is something that will last and that they will use. Some choose to give a gift at the time of the Christening for the baby such as keepsake items e.g. money boxes and keepsake tins. Something that might be a bit more of an unusual Christening gift would be treasure bags and mini rugby ball.

      A naming ceremony is a non-religious ceremony that can be carried out if you would like to mark a baby boy or girl's arrival but you are not religious. Similarly to a Christening, the parents of the child choose celebrants instead of godparents to support the child throughout their childhood.

      Much the same as a Christening, a naming ceremony gift should be one that is thoughtful and a memento of their special day. A good choice of gift would be something that is a keepsake or heirloom such as a memory box, luxury doll, money box or a personalised gift.

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