Pregnancy Gifts

Looking for the perfect pregnancy gift in 2024? The Baby Hamper Company expertly curated selection of gifts and pregnancy hampers are not just for baby, but for your pregnant friends and relatives too. This is a unique chance to purchase some baby essentials or pamper gift sets for new mums, for use during those difficult first weeks.
Choose from our thoughtful selection of skincare products, candles and bath treats, memory books and milestone cards, all wrapped in our luxury gift box!
Whether you are looking for a girl or boy, or the sex is a surprise, we have plenty of different pregnancy gift ideas to inspire you so you can send the perfect present to your pregnant mum.

About our Pregnancy Gifts

It is traditional to give to a mum-to-be towards the latter stages of the pregnancy. Usually in the third trimester (28 to 40 weeks) is a good idea, which in pregnancy terms is the safer time period of a pregnancy. Many people are now giving a pregnancy gift at the baby shower (which is become ever more popular in the UK). Another up and coming trend here in the UK is to reward the new mother with a 'Push Present' once the baby has arrived.

Items that make great pregnancy presents are ones which treat the mum-to-be with a touch of luxury. Being pregnant is a toll on the body, so anything that is nourishing is always a great idea. Think luxury aromatherapy candles, chocolates and skincare products and you can't go wrong. Alcohol as a pregnancy present is a big 'no no' as it should not be consumed during pregnancy, maybe save it as a little push gift for after the baby arrives!

The best gift to give for a pregnancy would either be something that is pampering for the mum or another thoughtful idea would be a keepsake of a very special time during her life. A great idea for a pregnancy gift would be something to pamper the mum-to-be such as a pamper hamper.

Pregnancy presents are usually given to the mum-to-be by close family and friends. Friends often give their gifts during the baby shower party. Work colleagues will often club together within the company they work for to send their new mum-to-be a present through the post.