20 Easy Summer Activities For Babies and Toddlers

20 Easy Summer Activities For Babies and Toddlers

Summer is here, and it is time to enjoy the beautiful world around you with this easy-to-follow guide filled with summer activities to set up at home to entertain babies and toddlers all throughout the season.

Whilst enjoying the outdoors, always keep safety in mind. Wear sunscreen and reapply as needed. You and your children should don proper hats and sunglasses. Never turn your back on your children, especially if you are engaging in water play. If you need to step away for a moment, always take them with you.

Easy summer activities, sprinkler in garden

20 Summer Activities to Keep Your Little Ones Engaged

If you're ready for inspiration and ideas for fun summer activities for baby and toddler during the warmer months, here are some exciting ideas:

  1. ”Paint” with water

    This easy activity combines water and painting. Grab a bucket or two, and some wide paintbrushes. Let your toddler "paint" the fence, the house’s exterior, patios and paths.

  2. Blow up a balloon

    Never underestimate the power of a simple balloon. Blow one up and watch your child’s eyes light up as you gently tap it back and forth.

  3. Look at the clouds

    Place a blanket on the ground in your garden and lie side-by-side with your toddler. Look up at the clouds and take turns finding different shapes. You never know when a dinosaur, puppy, or their favourite lovey will “float” by.

  4. Go for a walk indoors

    If the weather is uncooperative, pick your baby or toddler up and take a walk inside your home. Point out things in their world and name family members in photographs.

  5. Walk in the garden

    Walk through your garden with the baby in your arms. Point out different colours, textures, and stop to smell the flowers.

  6. Have a dance party

    Turn on upbeat tunes and hold your little one in your arms. Sing along to the music and dance until everyone’s tired.

  7. Play with chalk

    As long as your child can grasp an object, they can play with chalk. Set them on the sidewalk and show them the magic of chalk creations.

  8. Take a swim

    Pull out the paddling pool and fill it up with water. Set the baby inside in their bath seat and gently splash the water on their body to cool off.

  9. Turn on the sprinklers

    Set your sprinklers out in strategic areas and let your toddler run back and forth through whilst listening to their giggles.

  10. Collect rocks

    Give your toddler a bucket and encourage them to collect rocks from the garden.

  11. Paint rocks

    After collecting some rocks, set out non-toxic paints, paintbrushes, and paper and invite your older child to paint them.

  12. Set up a pouring station

    Gather a deep tray and a variety of scoops and cups. Fill the tray with water and watch as your child pours water back and forth.

  13. Play fetch

    If you have a dog, enthral your infant with a game of fetch between you and your dog.

  14. Read

    Reading is one of the best summer activities for toddlers and babies at any time.

  15. Water the plants

    Fill spray bottles with clean water and ask kids to water the plants indoors and out. Gently spray some water on your infant’s feet and hands for a sensory experience.

    Easy Summer Activities For Babies and Toddlers Watering plants
  16. Play in the sand

    Set up a sandbox in the garden. Offer your child buckets, shovels, and scoops and watch them play.

  17. Make a racetrack

    Use your chalk to create a racetrack on the sidewalk or pavers. Bring out toy cars and have your own Formula 1 race at home.

  18. Install a birdhouse

    Set up a birdhouse in the garden for amazing wildlife viewing opportunities.

  19. Blow bubbles

    Bubble blowing is for all ages. Infants will be enthralled as bubbles float by on the breeze. Toddlers will love chasing after the bubbles and blowing them, too.

  20. Sing together

    Select a few cherished songs and sing them often. Over time your children will learn them and sing along, too.

Make Wonderful Memories by Being Present With Your Child

Throughout everything you do with your little ones, the most important thing you can do is be present. Put your smartphone down. Of course, you will want to take a photo or video because your child is absolutely adorable. But, be mindful of the moment you are in. You can post later. Be present now. Show your child how much they matter to you with quality time doing memorable summer activities together. Go ahead and make some new memories today with one of these great activity ideas.

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