Baby Keepsakes

Baby keepsakes are perfect to send to your newborn little one. Choose from a selection of high-quality modern gifts, some handmade, that will be treasured for years to come. A great addition to a new nursery and a beautiful memento of a very special time. Many of our baby keepsakes are neutral so suitable for boys or girls, and great to take along as a baby shower present.
It can be really difficult to choose newborn baby gifts, but these baby keepsakes are always a welcome addition to any one of our boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

An idea is a personalised baby memory book. Fill it with details about the baby’s birth, first milestones, and memorable moments. Include photos, handprints, and footprints, and leave space for adding more as the child grows. Some memory books even have pockets for storing small mementos like hospital bracelets or first locks of hair.

Ultimately, the best baby keepsake is one that captures the essence of your child’s early years and holds sentimental value for you and your family.

Yes, a personalised baby gift can indeed make a wonderful keepsake. Unlike generic gifts, personalised items add a special touch, making them unique and memorable. When you customise a gift with the baby's name, birthdate, or even a heartfelt message, it creates a connection between the gift and the child, as well as their parents. Personalised baby gifts often include items like blankets, decorations, or baby books, which the child can keep and cherish as they grow older.

Keepsakes hold sentimental value, acting as a reminder of a particular moment in time. For parents, these gifts capture the essence of their child's early days, becoming cherished mementos of their baby's infancy. As the child grows, these keepsakes serve as tangible memories, evoking emotions and nostalgia. They can also become family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation, carrying with them the love and warmth of the family that gifted them. Therefore, a personalised baby gift not only makes a good keepsake but also becomes a symbol of love and thoughtfulness, making it incredibly meaningful for both the child and their family.