7 Hottest Baby Nursery Decor Trends for 2018

7 Hottest Baby Nursery Decor Trends for 2018

You've just found out you are pregnant. After the initial shock/happiness/fear sets in, it's time to get on to organising and there is so much to do. From prams to changing bags and there is the baby's nursery decor, it can be a minefield. A baby's nursery is a big investment so you don't want to get it wrong, but with so many styles and ideas out there, just where do you start?

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So you've now checked out Pinterest and Instagram, which has made your decision even harder! Whether to go traditional blue or pink, cool greys or something completely different, the list is endless. Then there is the problem that you might not know what sex you are having, so you need to go down the unisex route, but you don't want it to be too boyish or too girly.

We thought we should try and give you a hand and have compiled this list of the hottest baby nursery decor trends and ideas for 2018. We've trawled the best ideas on the internet for you and produced this handy guide, which will hopefully inspire and get you on the way to creating the perfect decor in your baby's room.

We've categorised the decor ideas into our 7 top themes to make your decision a little easier and clearer.

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1. Hygge Bedroom Decor

This style has been banded around a lot recently, but just what is Hygge? Hygge is a Danish way of life that appreciates life's simple pleasures. In decor terms, we need to think about a peaceful style, with a natural paint palette and materials. Think of it as modern, stylish neutrals, timber and tactile fabrics. This style is perfect for a gender-neutral room.

Baby Nursery Decor natural Hygge style
Baby Nursery decor, natural Hygge
Baby Nursery decor, natural Hygge baby bedroom

2. Animal Face Print

We're not talking leopard or giraffe print here but the on-trend look of animal face prints. Decorate around one large single framed image or a small collection of complementary images, they will add a real wow factor to any little one's new bedroom.

Baby Nursery Decor, Animal Print Baby Bedroom
Baby Nursery decor, Animal prints, Giraffe
Baby Nursery decor, Animal prints, Rabbit face

3. Hipster and Indie Inspired Baby Room

This look is again based on a usually cool neutral palette for the walls and woodwork but adds splashes of mustard and pale pink/peach to add interest. Choose bold geometric prints and simple repeating patterns for textiles. Textured fabrics are a must to soften the scheme, with playful imagery in wall displays. Our new personalised keepsake tins would work really well in this colour scheme.

Baby Nursery Decor, Hipster and Indie Styling bedroom
Baby Nursery decor, Hipster and Indie style
Baby Nursery decor, Monochrome Hipster bedroom

4. Nursery Wall Decals

Gone are the days of a simple name or silhouette decal for wall decorations. Manufacturers have become much more creative, mixing colours and styles to create some really beautiful designs. A really easy, quick and relatively cheap way to add a focal point to your nursery.

Baby Nursery Decor Girls Wall Decal, Pink
Baby Nursery decor, Wall decal art
Baby Nursery decor, Wall decal art, fern

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5. Metallic baby room colour scheme

Metallics have been around for a while now in home decor, but they still add a new dimension in a nursery. Try copper and rose gold tones, or mixed metallic for a really on-trend look.

Baby Nursery Decor Mixed Metallics, Copper, Rose Gold
Baby Nursery decor, Metallic girls bedroom
Baby Nursery decor, Metallic dreamcatcher

6. Statement Grey Nursery colour scheme

Grey works really well as a base colour. Use either by itself or with an accent colour such as yellow, it's a perfect starting point. Use grey with caution in North facing rooms as can make them feel very cold, but in general works really well for a boys or girls room.

Baby Nursery Decor Yellow and Grey Palette
Baby Nursery decor, Statement grey bedroom
Baby Nursery decor, Statement grey bedroom girls

7. Monochrome & Mint baby room colour scheme

A twist on the monochrome style, adding a hint of mint softens the whole scheme and makes it feel more childlike. Be careful not to overdo the mint, keep it simple to just two or three items to give maximum impact. Our new personalised ceramic hanging stars would set this style off perfectly.

Baby Nursery Decor Monochrome and Mint Palette
Baby Nursery decor, Monochrome and mint baby bedroom
Baby Nursery decor, Monochrome and mint

We hope we have given you some unique and interesting ideas for your own nursery. Good luck with your planning, and feel free to post any photos of your designs below!

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