Hottest Baby Shower Themes For Girls For 2022

8 Hottest Baby Shower Themes For Girls For 2022

When you are planning a baby shower, choosing the perfect theme is always the first step. There are some amazing unique baby shower themes to choose from and there are some brilliant trends coming through in the last few years. A lot of the girl baby shower themes 2021 are still just as popular as ever but there are some great new ones likely to come into fashion next year.

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If you are planning your baby shower and you are looking for some great inspiration for the theme, these are some of the best girl baby shower themes 2022.


One of the best baby shower themes for a girl is always going to be a rainbow theme. The great thing about this is that it makes for a really unique baby shower which you can make even more special by sticking with symbolic meanings behind each colour.

Baby Shower Themes Rainbow 2021

This incredible rainbow balloon arch is the perfect entranceway to your baby shower. It cements the theme and really wows your guests before they even set foot inside and see the rest of the baby shower decorations.

Baby Shower Theme Rainbow 2022

Balloons take center stage again in this beautiful table setting, but the hanging material behind the table creates a great rainbow backdrop. Brightly coloured flowers introduce a nice natural element to the theme too.

Rainbow baby shower theme for 2022

A rainbow theme gives you the chance to have a lot of fun with your food. Just take these awesome rainbow cookies and layered rainbow drinks, for example!

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Peaches and Cream

Peaches and cream is a nice elegant but understated theme. A gorgeous color palette of pale shades in pinks and whites. This is a really gorgeous theme with lots of lovely ideas to take it in interesting directions.

Girls Baby Shower Theme 2022 Peaches and Cream

This elegant throne area for the mother-to-be is the perfect example of how to use the peaches and cream colour scheme, bringing in some neutral tones in the wicker chair and table, all topped off with a great peach girl power sign on the backdrop!

Peach baby shower theme 2022

More great examples of a balloon feature here, and the cushions and soft furnishings work brilliantly with the gentle colour palette.

Girls Peach Baby Shower Theme 2022

The rustic table settings here work brilliantly with the gorgeous peach roses.

Pink and Gold

Pink and gold is a really classy option if you are looking for a girl baby shower theme 2022. This is a nice simple colour palette with some classic design choices. Sometimes, the tried and tested simple options are the best.

Pink and Gold Girls Baby Shower Theme 2022

The cascading pink balloons with the occasional gold accent show how a little really can go a long way with this blend of colours.

Pink and gold girls baby shower theme

Outlining the pink backdrop with the gold balloons helps give that glamorous feel without becoming too overpowering. Look at those beautiful pink cakes too!

Girls Pink Baby Shower Theme 2022

These perfectly designed pink and gold cookies make the perfect finishing touch to a classic theme, and your guests are sure to be impressed.


If you want something a bit different, why not try a Boho theme? This is a great way to make your baby shower stand out from the crowd and has been a really popular choice in recent years.

Boho baby shower theme 2022

The light pastel tones on the leaves and the minimalist design capture the Boho theme perfectly on this invitation.

Boho baby girls shower theme 2022

Cookies don't have to be bright pink and gold to look incredible. The light greens and rich oranges here fit perfectly with the theme and still look delicious!

Boho baby shower theme for girls 2022

This wooden backdrop is the perfect starting point for baby shower decorations with a Boho theme. Notice how natural elements like the flowers, as well as the delicious bright cakes, are used to add a burst of colour without taking away from the relaxed theme.


A lot of the best girl baby shower themes of 2021 and 2022 are based around the seasons. To create the perfect Spring themed shower, you want to be sure that the design and decor are full of bright colours and floral themes. This theme looks great in any venue but can really come into its own if you go for a garden party shower.

Spring Baby Shower Theme for 2022

The definition of simple but effective, this decoration is a playful take on the Spring theme. The delicious lemonade and cupcakes will help people get into the sunny vibe too.

Spring baby shower theme for girls

Nothing says Springtime like bees! These nice honey party favors are a great way to round out the party, and the bee-themed drinks dispenser makes a great centerpiece.

Baby shower theme spring for 2022

This whole spread looks scrumptious but the baby bodysuit cookies are certainly the star of the show!


For a great summer baby shower, you want to go for vibrant shades and lots of shades of blue. If you stick with the basic colour palette and keep things nice and simple, this is an elegant but fun design option.

Summer baby shower theme for girls for 2022

The pink throne makes a bold statement but the pineapple table settings and foliage-themed tablecloths and cushions bring out the Summer vibe here.

Baby shower theme for summer 2022

Lemonade is the quintessential Summer drink to keep everybody cool in the sunshine. You can even make a cocktail version for your party too! The rainbow lettering is perfect for the Summer theme as well.

Summer 2022 baby shower theme

Lean into flowers when you are coming up with decoration ideas for your cakes and other party foods. A nice fruity jelly makes the perfect light dessert for a garden party as well.


For a nice Autumn themed baby shower, stick to warm colours. Lots of oranges and reds are your best choice here. Incorporate lots of foliage into the theme too because leaves are a truly symbolic Autumn motif.

Autumn baby shower theme 2022

What could be more perfect for Autumn than pumpkins? This beautiful display uses them as decoration as well as turning them into some delicious treats for your guests.

Baby shower theme for autumn 2022

Lean into Autumn with a spooky Halloween theme, complete with scary ghost marshmallows on your cupcakes and some awesome Halloween onesies!

Autumn 2022 baby shower themes

These cookies balance the spooky Halloween elements with a more traditional Autumn baby shower theme. The simple colour scheme of green, white, and orange is ideal for the season.


A winter theme provides a lot of opportunity for fantastical elements if you go for a winter wonderland vibe. Make your baby shower truly magical with lots of glitter and sparkle.

Winter baby shower theme for 2022

The magical theme is captured perfectly at this baby shower. From the towering unicorn cake to the majestic silver and white balloon display, it really does have that winter wonderland feel to it.

Baby girls winter baby shower theme for 2022

Winter themes don't all have to be silver and white. As you can see here, there's plenty of space to add soft pink accents to show that it's a girl's baby shower. The cake pops in this picture are a great idea for simple, delicious party food too!

Winter baby shower for girls 2022

A few silver snowflakes add the perfect finishing touch to your winter theme and this fantastic baby shower photo!

There are so many great girl baby shower themes 2022 to choose from. You can mix and match colours or styles if you want to create more unique baby shower themes. The most important thing to remember is that your baby shower decorations need to reflect your personal style.

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