Paw-Some Pregnancy Announcements To Include Your Dog

Paw-Some Pregnancy Announcements To Include Your Dog

Welcoming a new baby into your family is a thrilling event, and when you're a dog owner, you might want your furry friend to share in the excitement. So, why not let your dog do the honours of announcing your pregnancy? Below, we've rounded up 10 paw-some dog pregnancy announcement ideas that range from simple and sweet to so funny. Here's how to let your four-legged companion deliver your wonderful news in the most memorable ways.

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  1. "Guard Dog Duty" Sign

Guard dog on duty pregnancy announcment

Credit The Ritzy Rose

Have your pup pose next to a sign that says, "Promoted to Guard Dog Duty starting [due date]." This dog pregnancy announcement is both adorable and straightforward, allowing your pet to be the star of the show while delivering the message loud and clear that you are soon going to be a bigger family.

  1. Balloon Announcement

Dog balloon pregnancy announcement

Credit Sams Sleeps on Instagram

Using balloons in your pregnancy announcement adds a touch of whimsy to the occasion, and you can do this even if you have a dog who you want to join in the fun. Tie a balloon to your dog’s collar that reads, “My humans are getting me a human." For added drama, include a bunch of baby-coloured balloons in the background, and if you want to go really crazy. Let the dog have fun chasing and popping them to make your video announcement even funnier!

  1. Bandana Reveal

Big brother dog pregnancy announcement

Credit Etsy

One of the simplest ways to include your dog in the pregnancy announcement is to get a custom-made bandana that reads, "Big Brother" or "Big Sister." You could also get them to wear a pink or blue bandana if you happen to know the gender of your baby at the point of reveal. Snap a photo of your dog proudly donning the bandana and share the joyous news with family and friends on social media.

  1. Paw Print on the Baby Bump

Dpg paw print pregnancy announcement

Credit Patricia Savoie

This artistic idea involves painting your dog's paw with non-toxic, washable paint and gently pressing it onto your baby bump. Not only is this a beautiful symbol of the bond between your pet and the unborn baby, but it also makes for a heartwarming photo you will treasure forever.

  1. Getting Ready for the Arrival Biscuits

Dog biscuit pregnancy announcement

Credit Afternoon Paws

Create a scene of your dog surrounded by baby items such as a baby blanket, dummy, and baby shoes. Add a biscuit sign that says something like, "My humans are having a baby" This so adorable dog pregnancy announcement will be loved by everyone.

  1. Chalkboard Announcement

My parents are getting me a human dog pregnancy announcement

Credit Etsy

This is a more sophisticated approach that involves writing your pregnancy announcement on a chalkboard. Your announcement could be something like "Mummy and Daddy are getting me a human!” Get your dog to sit patiently next to the board and it will make for a very cute dog pregnancy announcement that you can treasure in years to come.

  1. Toy Story

Official toy tester baby pregnancy announcement dog

Stage a scene with your dog investigating a pile of baby toys with a puzzled expression. This makes a hilariously adorable photo which you could also add the sign 'Official Toy Tester!'.

  1. Plot Twist

Plot twist its not a puppy pregnancy announcement

Credit @raisedwithdogs

This idea is for families with more than one pet. Dress your dogs in shirts that say "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" and have a sign in the foreground that reads, "Plot Twist, it's not a puppy!." This will surely let your friends and family who see the photo know about your good news in the cutest possible way.

  1. Ultrasound Protector

Dog ultrasound scan pregnancy announcement

Capture a photo of your dog guarding the ultrasound image. This dog pregnancy announcement idea signifies your pet's protective instincts towards the new family member and makes for a truly touching image that is a bit more fun than the usual ultrasound reveal picture.

  1. "Read all about it"

Dog reading pregnancy announcement

Credit Xameliax

This clever idea requires a bit of crafting skills. Create a false book cover with the book title "What to expect when your humans are expecting" and prop it up in front of your dog. If you can somehow get your dog to look shocked or perplexed, it will be even funnier.

No matter which idea you choose, remember that the best photos are the ones where your pet is comfortable and their personality shines through. After all, these images are not only pregnancy announcements but also precious memories that capture your dog's role in your growing family.

Including your dog in your pregnancy announcement is a paw-some way to share your joyous news with your loved ones, so what are you waiting for?

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