Wooden Baby Toys never go out of fashion

Wooden Baby Toys never go out of fashion!

Here at The Baby Box Company, we are very proud to stock a range of wooden toys for little ones. From baby teethers to wooden puzzles and sensory toys, we have something for everyone. But why should you buy a wooden toy for a newborn gift?

Baby playing with a wooden toy

With a traditional and retro feel, wooden toys will never go out of fashion with both parents and babies alike. The variety and style of modern toys are becoming more complex and technologically advanced, it is always a refreshing change to see children playing a humble wooden toy. Leaving play to the imagination of the child, these simple toys helps to expand their play habits.

How might to take a look at our range of Wooden Baby Toys and Gifts

Plastic vs Wooden
So many baby and child toys nowadays are made from plastic. Imagine yourself as a baby holding a plastic rattle, then holding a wooden one. Wooden ones are warm and tactile, soft and forgiving when put in their mouths. Which one would a baby choose?

Sensory toys for babies development

Babies learn the majority of motor skills during their first years through play. A playing with the right toys can help develop their skills quicker. The contrasting bright colours of painted wooden toys help to develop babies sight sense, with primary colours especially red being the most noticeable for developing eyesight.

gogo bear rattle
gogo toys rattlering

Our wooden toys such as the Gogo rattling and dazzle rattle, feature bright colours and bold shapes are ideal for play at home or out and about. The rattling also features a bell, which makes a sound when the toy is rolled, and thus helping to develop baby's hearing perception.

Wooden toys are always a great addition to any baby gift. They are timeless, and these wholesome toys can last a lifetime. Passed down from one sibling to another you can be sure that they will be treasured and babies will always find them a joy to play with.

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