Baby Hampers

If you are looking for the perfect newborn gifting, look no further than our expertly curated new baby hampers and gift sets. Our collection offers a range of beautiful, quality products to send to your loved one's, hand-wrapped in our luxury gift boxes. It can be pretty challenging to decide what to include in a baby gift hamper. Well, you are in luck! We have a range of the best, award-winning newborn boys, unisex and girls' gift sets to suit every taste and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

A baby hamper is a selection of beautifully displayed newborn gifts. It is given as a present to friends or loved ones after the arrival of their new little bundle. Traditionally, hamper gifts are displayed in a wicker basket, but here at The Baby Hamper Company, we like to do things a bit differently, and ours come in our beautiful recycled gift boxes.

We have a great selection of baby hampers (sometimes known as baby gift baskets or baby bundle gifts) and gift ideas to suit all tastes. Whether you need a baby hamper for boys, hampers for girls, a unisex box if purchasing before the baby is born, or even for twins, we have just the thing. They make special gifts for after the infant is born, and they are equally good for occasions such as a baby shower before the baby arrives.

We arrange our baby hampers in a creative, easy-to-choose format to save you time and provide the best online shopping experiences. As well as boy or girl hampers, we have the following ranges:

We have our popular Not Your Standard baby hamper range, for something bright and colourful that's just a little different.

The Pure White range comprises unisex baby hampers that are neutral and entirely white. They’re perfect as a pre-birth gift or a baby shower idea.

The Really Useful range contains beautiful baby items that are tried, tested and recommended by new mums.

Our Luxury Baby Hampers Range is filled to bursting with everything new mums and babies could want, from super-cute baby clothes, baby bibs and organic newborn essentials to treats for mum and baby skincare.

The Personalised Baby Hamper range includes a selection of gifts that can be personalised with the new baby’s name — a truly unique and original gift.

Our site gives you the flexibility to create your own unique baby hamper. Choose from our extensive selection of newborn baby and mum gifts by browsing our ALL PRODUCTS section. Simply add the items you require into your basket, and we will pack them all together in your own, bespoke baby hamper gift. Search our selection for the perfect alternative to a baby bouquet.

We have gifts starting at just £2 and ultimate baby hampers priced up to £150 — so there is something to suit everyone and all budgets! Shop our baby boy hamper and baby girl hamper ranges from the UK.

Traditionally, baby hampers are wrapped with shredded tissue inside a wicker basket and covered in cellophane and a bow, but we take a modern approach to wrapping. Our cute baby hampers come in a recycled cardboard gift box and have a gorgeous, hand-tied red ribbon and gift card. Inside, the gifts are delicately and securely wrapped in tissue to ensure your present arrives in the same condition that we sent it out.

You can make a baby hamper basket at home, yourself, by collecting a variety of gifts suitable for a newborn baby and displaying them in a basket or box, ready for gifting. But it can be time-consuming and end up costing a lot of money. We have a selection of great value-for-money hampers that won't break the bank, and you can be confident they contain the most up-to-date mum and baby gifts and will be both beautiful and useful for new parents.

Baby hampers are filled with a variety of presents to welcome a new baby into the world. A new arrival can put a financial strain on parents, so clothes are always a welcome addition — and gifting special designer outfits is a real treat.
Baby toys are also essential for any good baby gift Choosing a toy that’s also an activity for the baby is a great idea, as they provide ideal entertainment for little ones whilst out and about. A little treat for mum is a thoughtful addition, such as a soothing aromatherapy candle or bath truffle. Other baby essentials — like a muslin cloth, organic baby skincare and blankets — help make a special newborn gift.

All of our products are expertly selected for their unique qualities. We make sure that they’re beautiful, well-made and useful. As new mums ourselves, we have chosen the products that we found useful, practical and beautiful.

All our baby hampers come hand-wrapped and include your own personalised message card, tissue and keepsake box — and all are topped off with a big red bow! We’re perfectionists about our gift-wrapping and make sure that every box we send out is just as we would want to receive it.

If we still haven't convinced you just how great our baby hampers are, check out our independent Feefo reviews (widget on the left), and see for yourself!

Traditionally, baby hampers were seen as handmade baby gift baskets, but we’ve taken the hassle out of sourcing the products for you, and we hand-wrap each of our boxes fresh to order.

The Baby Hamper Company is based in the UK, and we have worldwide delivery. Place your order before 2 pm on a weekday and your new baby hamper will be dispatched the same day (personalised gifts not included). All our hampers are sent via Royal Mail and in protective packaging. We offer express, next-day UK delivery — including Saturdays — so that your perfect newborn hamper is just a click away! Don't forget you also get free UK delivery for over £99 spent!

You have a wide range of options to include in a baby hamper. You can focus on baby hamper gifts that highlight the baby's gender, and the time of year, or even create a personal theme. Most people stick to adding the basic but essential baby supplies as part of baby hamper ideas for a new mum, but you can also choose to be more creative and personal with it.

Below are some ideas for gift items for baby hamper contents:

  • Practical baby gifts:  bath towels, bibs, blankets - these make great baby essentials hamper!
  • Comfortable baby clothes: cardigan, socks, rompers, onesies, babygrows
  • Baby accessories: cuddly teddy bears, musical toys, rattles, teething rings
  • Gift ideas for the mother: personalised gifts, pampering products, treats, chocolate

You can make your hamper unique by adding a personalised touch. You can do this by adding inscriptions of the baby's name or even the mother's to the gifts. For example, you can get a customised baby towel with the baby's name instead of going for something general. 

You can also focus on personal things the baby's mother may love. For example, find what colours appeal to her the most and choose such coloured gifts. Additionally, instead of opting for a general baby hamper basket, go with a personal theme. For example, maybe a dinosaur or unicorn theme.

Finally, you can also find out from the new mother if there are any essential things she needs for the children or baby items she is yet to purchase. This way, you will put together a unique collection of baby items and items the new mother will appreciate.  

Baby hamper gifts are a suitable way to congratulate a new mother, make her feel loved, and welcome the new bundle of joy to the world. Once you manage to put the right items in your hamper, not only will you be putting a smile on the mother's face, but you will help her check off several things on her 'to buy' list, saving money in the process. 

So, to give a simple answer, baby hampers are a suitable newborn gift. The most important thing is to ensure that you take the time to select the right items for the hamper and also purchase from a trusted outlet or look online for inspiration. For example, if you live in the UK, you can search for baby hamper ideas UK or baby hamper UK tips and even have your baby hampers delivered for you. What you should include in the right hamper has already been discussed above. 

Presenting the perfect baby hamper requires more than just throwing a bunch of baby products into a basket and wrapping them up. Here are a few reasons that we create the perfect baby hamper for delivery:

  • We lay out the baby gifts for your hamper and think about how we can best display the products in your carefully selected hamper.
  • Your gifts are then carefully and beautifully arranged inside the hamper box.
  • We think outside the box: Aside from the items you include in your hamper, presentation is the next most important thing, and you need to think pretty much outside the box. We include a personalised gift card and hand-tied ribbon in all of our boxes, which are then packed in protective outers ready for delivery to your loved ones. 
  • We always pack the baby toys with faces at the top, so when the hamper is opened, you are greeted with a lovely smiley face!