100 Unusual Baby GIRL Names for 2023

100 Unusual Baby Girl Names For 2023

Choosing an unusual name for a baby can be a way to show that you are unique and creative. Some parents think that giving their child a unique name will help them stand out in a world where many people have the same name. unique baby names may also be easier to remember and leave a strong impression. But you might also think that giving your child an unusual name is a way to honour your culture and show that you value creativity and uniqueness.

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Being Careful About It

Giving your child a unique name can be a good thing. But it's important to think about what might go wrong if you choose one. For example, people may mispronounce or misspell your child's name, and he or she may have trouble fitting in with kids whose names are more common. Some employers and other people in positions of power may unintentionally be unfair to people with unusual names. So always think carefully about what could go wrong.

How to Find Baby Girl Names for 2023

You can just use Google to find unusual baby names. But it's better to be more thorough when looking for baby girl names for the year 2023. Try the following ways to find unique names:

  • Stay connected to the culture of your family with unique baby names that reflect it.
  • Baby name books are a great way to find interesting and unique names.
  • You might also find a name you like from a book or show you really like.

Don't forget that picking a name for your daughter is a personal choice. So, take your time and pick a name that you and your family will enjoy. Then you can think about getting some special personalised items for your new bundle of joy to help you feel better about the name.

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100 Unusual Baby Girl Names for 2023

There are, of course, endless names to choose from. But there are some more popular than others. You can find the most popular baby girls names online. Trending girls' names for 2023 are as follows:

Rank Baby Girl Names for 2023
1 Olivia
2 Emma
3 Charlotte
4 Amelia
5 Ava
6 Sophia
7 Isabella
8 Mia
9 Evelyn
10 Harper

The top 10 names for 2023 are rather common. Meaning for this year, most parents are sticking with the tradition. Here are some of the most popular unusual baby girl names for 2023.

Aaliyah, Addilyn, Adelina, Alena

Bailee, Briella, Brooklyn, Brynleigh

Cadence, Cassidy, Clementine, Coraline

Dani, Denver, Dior, Drew

Elisa, Elizabeth, Elliott, Evangeline

Fatima, Faye, Flora, Frankie

Gabriella, Giovanna, Grace, Gwendolyn

Hannah, Holland, Holly

Iliana, India, Isabella, Itzel, Iyla

Janelle, Jaylani, Jordan, June, Justice

Kahlani, Kayleigh, Kimber, Kyla

Lacey, Legacy, Lia, Lilith, Luciana

Madison, Myla, Mylah

Nevaeh, Nicole, Novalee, Nyomi

Oakleigh, Ocean, Olivia, Opal

Paloma, Paris, Penny, Princess


Raina, Rayna, Reese, Regina, Remy, River

Sabrina, Samantha, Sarah, Scarlette, Summer

Tatiana, Thalia, Tiffany, Treasure

Universe, Ulyssa, Uma

Valerie, Valery, Vivian, Vivienne

Willa, Willow, Wren, Wynter

Ximena, Xiomara

Yara, Yareli, Yaretzi

Zahra, Zendaya, Zoey

Depending on your culture and heritage, these may or may not be unusual baby names. Of course, they are all beautiful with their own meanings. So take your time before deciding.

A Numbered List for Quick Reference

Looking through the above can be overwhelming when reading. So, here is an alphabetically sorted and numbered list you can use as a reference for baby girl names for 2023.

  1. Aaliyah
  2. Addilyn
  3. Adelina
  4. Alena
  5. Bailee
  6. Briella
  7. Brooklyn
  8. Brynleigh
  9. Cadence
  10. Cassidy
  11. Clementine
  12. Coraline
  13. Dani
  14. Denver
  15. Dior
  16. Drew
  17. Elisa
  18. Elizabeth
  19. Elliott
  20. Evangeline
  21. Fatima
  22. Faye
  23. Flora
  24. Frankie
  25. Gabriella
  26. Giovanna
  27. Grace
  28. Gwendolyn
  29. Hannah
  30. Holland
  31. Holly
  32. Iliana
  33. India
  34. Isabella
  35. Itzel
  36. Iyla
  37. Janelle
  38. Jaylani
  39. Jordan
  40. June
  41. Justice
  42. Kahlani
  43. Kayleigh
  44. Kimber
  45. Kyla
  46. Lacey
  47. Legacy
  48. Lia
  49. Lilith
  50. Luciana
  51. Madison
  52. Myla
  53. Mylah
  54. Nevaeh
  55. Nicole
  56. Novalee
  57. Nyomi
  58. Oakleigh
  59. Ocean
  60. Olivia
  61. Opal
  62. Paloma
  63. Paris
  64. Penny
  65. Princess
  66. Quinn
  67. Raina
  68. Rayna
  69. Reese
  70. Regina
  71. Remy
  72. River
  73. Sabrina
  74. Samantha
  75. Sarah
  76. Scarlette
  77. Summer
  78. Tatiana
  79. Thalia
  80. Tiffany
  81. Treasure
  82. Ulyssa
  83. Uma
  84. Universe
  85. Valerie
  86. Valery
  87. Vivian
  88. Vivienne
  89. Willa
  90. Willow
  91. Wren
  92. Wynter
  93. Ximena
  94. Xiomara
  95. Yara
  96. Yareli
  97. Yaretzi
  98. Zahra
  99. Zendaya
  100. Zoey

Remember, this isn't an exhaustive list. And there are many other names you can consider. Yet personalised items for your baby will also help this magical time become even more special.

How to Immortalise Your Baby's Name

Your baby's name, whether unusual or not, is unique to your child. They will be known by it their entire life. Therefore, you must be proud of it. One way to display your pride in your baby is to immortalise their name. Start by getting some high-quality personalised items that show off the most beautiful names for your little girl? For some of the most beautiful baby products, The Baby Hamper Company has got you covered. Display your unique baby names the right way.

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