Hottest Ideas for a Lockdown Baby Shower 2021

5 Hottest Ideas for a Lockdown Baby Shower 2021

Following the UK's lockdown due to the Coronavirus in January 2021, all social gatherings have stopped, meaning the baby shower you have been planning for your best friend/sister/cousin or maybe work colleague, now can't go ahead :( Have a baby is such a special time in any young woman's life that baby showers are now seen as an essential celebration, both in the UK and around the world, but just how do you host one if the country is in lockdown from COVID-19? Never fear, we have come up with the best ideas to throw a virtual baby shower to remember!

To save you trawling Pinterest, Instagram and Google for inspiration we have put together this handy guide containing the 5 hottest ideas for a virtual baby shower in 2021. Whether you are organising the party yourself or helping out your friends, we have ideas for all.

We have collated a simple plan below for you to easily host the best virtual baby shower ever!

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1. Hosting the Baby Shower

Firstly you need to decide on a guest list and send out the invitations. Virtual paperless invitations work really well such as these baby shower invitations from Paperless Post for the guests and maybe send an extra special handmade invitation to the mum to be.

Baby showers now cannot take place in person as you would have usually done due to social distancing measures, so we have to think about alternatives. A firm favourite way to host the party at the moment is virtually using a video group chat app such as Zoom, Facetime or House Party. Zoom is quite a good one to use if everyone can set it up on their laptops as you get a larger screen to interact with the other guests, but Facetime is also useful if everyone has Apple devices. Agree on the time and date for everyone to connect

Zoom Baby Shower Lockdown
Virtual Baby Shower Invitation
Virtual Baby Shower invitations lockdown

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2. Decorations

Obviously with a virtual baby shower you now don't have a venue to decorate, but decorations can still play their part in making this event extra special. Why not arrange to have a variety of themed decorations delivered direct to your mum to be for her to put up in the background of her video stream before the event. Choose from the traditional pink for girls or blue for boys or opt for some modern trends such as botanical, mixed metallic's and pastel hues. We found a great range over at Ginger Ray and Etsy.

BabyShower Decor Botanical 2021
Oh Baby Shower Decorations 2021

3. Food and Drink

A huge trend at the moment in party food is grazing tables, where the baby shower food is spread out directly on the table for people to 'graze'. Obviously as the baby shower guests cannot get together why not create a grazing box for each person. This can be a mixture of sweet and savoury food for everyone to eat together. You can pre prepare the boxes and deliver to recipients (as long as they are local to you) before the event. Otherwise a box of cupcakes could be delivered to enjoy with tea, a great choice is Cuckoo's Bakery. You would usually celebrate be with a glass of bubbles, but as the mum-to-be cannot drink it's important for her to be catered for, so tea or something like Elderflower Presse is a good idea.

Baby Shower Food Grazing Box 2021
Baby Shower Party Cupcakes Delivered


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4. Games

Games are a must to make any party a truly memorable one! But what baby shower games can you play at a virtual baby shower? We have a few suggestions below that are not only super fun but easy to play!

A firm favourite baby shower game can be easily adapted for an online virtual baby shower. Send your printable Bingo cards out to the baby shower guests before the big day. As the new mummy opens her baby shower gifts live during the party, the guests tick off items on their cards. Winners are chosen when they have a line or full house and shout 'BINGO'!

You can make up your own Bingo cards easy in Word or find them to buy on Etsy or Zazzle.

A really funny game. Again cards can be downloaded from Etsy and sent to party members before the party. Players just have to guess if the photo images are of lust or labour - a great party starter game!

The Baby Shower guests will have to guess at some facts about the Mum to Be, from things such as where she grew up, her favourite cartoon and some parenting plans such as - Dummy or no dummy? Baby-carrier or pram? The Mum to Be answers the truth and the guests tick off their correct answers. The person with the most correct answers wins!


Baby Shower Games bingo card
Baby shower games, how well do you know the mum to be
Baby shower game, Lust or Labour

5. Gifts

Here at The Baby Hamper Company we specialise in baby shower gifts for both new baby and mum! Choose from the best selection of unique and funky baby shower gifts and have them sent directly to your mum to be before the big day. If you let us know when the baby shower is, we can also include a note for the parcel not to be opened before the date ;) Often at a baby shower the sex of the baby is not yet know, and as specialists in gender-neutral baby gifts we have the best selection of products to choose from in the UK. A firm favourite for baby shower gifts has always been our 'Hello World' Baby Hamper. This double gold award winning baby gift contains a selection of products for a boy or a girl. You could also add in a 'Treats for Mummy' bag, which contains relaxing pamper gifts that your new mum will be so grateful for after the difficulty of giving birth!

Hello World Unisex Baby Shower Gift Hamper
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