8 Funny & Unusual Baby Shower Gifts for 2020 You Need to See

8 Funny & Unusual Baby Shower Gifts for 2020 You Need to See


If you’re heading to a baby shower soon and you’re wondering what to take with you as a gift, wonder no more!

Here, we have 8 funny and unusual baby shower gifts that you absolutely need to see. New parents could do with a laugh or two - especially considering how sleep-deprived they’ll be soon (laughing will be a thing of the past).

Take a look and get some inspiration for the upcoming shower - be warned though, the receiver must have a sense of humour!

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Props For Baby’s Birth Announcement

All new parents love taking pictures for their baby’s birth announcement. Not just any picture, though. It needs to be Insta Worthy. There’s the one where Daddy holds the baby in the car seat and walks out of the hospital doors, with the mother trailing just far enough behind to take a perfectly positioned picture. There’s the one at home in a bright white setting to really make sure the filter shows off the baby’s jaundice. We’ve seen them all!

However, you can help the new parents go one step further. The best prop by far is a felt letter board! This little gem will help your new parents convey all their humorous moments of parenthood (of which there is a never-ending supply) and create the perfect Instagram ready moments!!

Felt letter board funny baby shower gift



Funny Dummies

You can’t go wrong with a funny dummy or bib. Using your baby as a source of constant entertainment will never get old. You could buy a moustache dummy to give the baby an unkempt look, or a dummy with big teeth for even more comic effect.

Funny baby shower gifts dummy moustache

Sassy Bibs

Babies could actually be quite sassy - think Stewie from Family Guy. Let the bib do the talking with ‘We both know that’s not an airplane’ emblazoned on the front of one, or even the inspirational Lizzo lyric ‘just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% your baby even when I’m crying crazy’. Alternatively, how about one that declares ‘Straight outta mommy’ in the wise words of the NWA.

Have fun with it!

Stright outta mummy bib funny baby shower gift

Baby Milestone Cards

Baby milestone cards are a lot of fun because you have them hold one and snap a picture and they have no idea that it’s actually quite embarrassing. Yay for creating pictures ready for their 18th birthday! You could give cards that say ‘I’m the reason mommy drinks’ or even ‘today I did an explosive poop’. That last one will go down well with all of their teenage friends at their 18th birthday party!

Funny baby shower gifts baby milestone cards

Baby Dribbler Box

What’s a baby dribbler? Like a hamster’s water bottle that you attach on the side of the crib for a baby. Ok, don’t panic - it’s a joke, it's just the box really - you can put your ‘real’ baby gifts inside! How fun is that? You can get a laugh this way without actually buying a questionable gift - which I’m sure would make the parents question your true character. Babies can be a wonderful source of fun and laughter.

Instead, you can fill the baby dribbler box with high-quality blankets, and other beautiful personalised items. This way you can show off your fun side and still give really thoughtful, impressive presents. The parents will have every reason to make you godparent after this!


Funny baby shower gifts crib dribbler box

Mop All-in-One

Be smart - make your baby’s tummy time count for something by putting them in a mop all-in-one and having them shuffle all over the floor. The parents will save time, and when the one who works arrives home they won’t say ‘what have you been doing all day?’

Funny baby shower gifts dummy moustache

An Adult Colouring Book

An adult colouring book could contain Funny ‘mum’ style pictures to colour - such as bottles of wine. Colouring is actually very therapeutic, so this could be a great gift for the mum who needs a little therapy.


Funny baby shower gifts Mum Adults Colouring Book


Sushi Roll Blanket

Want to wrap your baby up like a little sushi roll? Want an excuse to call your baby that adorable pet name? Buy the sushi roll blanket. If you know your friends will love any excuse to call their baby their ‘ickle wickle sushiii wolllll’ in a high pitched squeal that only dogs can hear, this is the perfect gift.

Funny baby shower gifts Baby Sushi Roll Blanket

Which of these unusual baby shower gifts is your favourite, and would you buy one? Share with your friends to give them some inspiration - or just a laugh!

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