Uses of coconut oil for mum and baby

9 Uses of Coconut Oil for Mum and Baby That Actually Work

Everyone is talking about the health benefits of using Coconut oil at the moment, and we are no different!

Natural and inexpensive with antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this is the must-have product of the moment. But what exactly do you do with it?? Well, we've decided to compile a list of uses of coconut oil for babies and mums, that actually work.

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1. Baby Moisturiser

Newborn babies do not actually need lotion as their skin has a layer of vernix which coats their delicate skin. However, coconut oil can be applied to babies skin, to help further protect and nourish with natural vitamins. Excellent to use after bath time, for sweet smelling, soft skin. Coconut oil is particularly effective on sensitive skins, even those with eczema.

2. Baby Massage Oil

Baby massage is always a lovely bonding time for parent and baby. Just warm some coconut oil in between your hands and massage over your little one's body, arms and legs to soothe and relax - they will love it!

3. Nappy rash prevention and treatment

Use coconut oil after each change to moisturise, soothe and protect from nappy rash. The anti-inflammatory properties help to relieve any existing rash and prevent any further irritation.

4. Cradle Cap treatment

Coconut oil is the perfect softener to help to get rid of cradle cap. Apply to the affected area and the oil helps to moisturise and loosen the flakes.

5. Cleaning Meconium

Meconium is the first bowel movement when a baby is born, and is a sticky, tar-like substance which is notoriously difficult to clean off. Applying some coconut oil to help remove the meconium, works a treat and leaves beautifully soft and clean skin behind.

6. Nappy wipes alternative

Coconut oil is antibacterial and has fantastic cleansing properties. When suffering from nappy rash (or any time really!) it's a good idea to use coconut oil on a large cotton wool pad to clean the skin whilst changing a nappy. It's really soothing and a fantastic cleanser, and leave's clean and soft skin.

7. Stretch mark prevention

One for the mummies. Rub coconut oil into your skin throughout pregnancy to keep skin moisturised and supple and help prevent stretch marks and the really irritating itchy tummy syndrome from your growing baby bump.

8. Sore nipple treatment

For the breastfeeding mums out there, sore nipples can be a real pain - literally! Rubbing coconut oil on to the nipple, leaves them soothed and moisturised and less likely to become sore or cracked. Antibacterial properties in the oil prevent infection and it doesn't matter if the oil is still on the nipple when the baby feeds as a natural edible product.

9. Hair conditioner

Coconut oil makes a fantastic hair conditioner for that weird hair falling out and thinning stage after baby is born. Just apply to hair after shampooing, leave on for 5 minutes and wash out. Hair is soft and silky :-)

Disclaimer: On rare occasions, nut products, such as coconut oil can cause allergies. If you or your child experience sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties etc seek medical advice. Please use these tips at your own risk.

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