Amazing Baby Halloween Costumes You Cant Miss

Amazing Baby Halloween Costumes You Can't Miss!

These babies know what Halloween is all about - dressing up in a killer costume that will totally turn heads. Check them out and get inspired for your own baby Halloween costumes right now.

1. The Godfather

Baby Halloween Costume idea 2021

Babies are cute, innocent bundles of joy, which is why it’s all the funnier when baby Halloween costumes take a rather sinister turn. This Godfather Halloween costume is a case in point. It takes a totally cute baby boy and turns him into a middle-aged mobster who’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse (complete with evil moustache and supervillain cat) and it’s more adorable than you could ever imagine.

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2. Bone to be Wild

Baby Halloween Costume 2021

When it comes to Halloween costumes, cute skeletons are always on-point, especially when it’s an even cuter baby girl rocking the look. It’s amazing how much more adorable a baby can be when they’re wearing a black and white bone print onesie. This baby was bone to wild!

3. Harry Potter

Halloween Costume for baby Harry Potter

Why wait ‘til your kid’s 11 to get them in the Hogwarts uniform when this cool guy shows it’s possible to rock the look when you’re just 1! Who’d have thought a cape and school tie could be so cute? Baby Halloween costumes really are magic.

4. Darling dragons

Halloween Costume for baby game of thrones

From Game of Thrones to Puff the Magic Dragon, the trend for fire-breathing giant reptiles has drag-on for centuries, so what better way to dress your baby this Halloween than in one of these super cute Halloween costumes boy and girl dragon lovers will set the world on fire in!

5. Cute kitten

Baby Halloween Costume Inspo 2021

If you want your baby to be cute, not scary this coming Halloween, then one of the best cute baby Halloween costumes girl babies, in particular, will love is the cute cat. Simply draw on some whiskers and a cute cat’s nose, dress her in a black onesie and finish off with some cute kitten ears for a Halloween look that’s totally purrfect.

6. Where’s Wally?

Baby Halloween outfit ideas

If your baby is hoping to blend into the crowd this Halloween, but you still want to ensure he looks cute as a button, dress him up as the legendary Wally and kill two birds with one stone. Just make sure that you never let him out of your sight or you could spend all of your Halloween searching through the crowds of trick or treaters!

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7. Baby Grannies

Halloween Costume for baby 2021

If there’s anything cuter than these two babies dressed up as their grandmas for Halloween then I don’t know what it is. From their perfectly permed hair to their cute floral dresses and tiny balls of yarn, these two are the most adorable kids you’ve ever seen. Just snake sure you have plenty of butterscotch candy on hand for these particular trick or treaters!

8. The classic ghost

Halloween Costume for baby Ghost 2021

When it comes to baby Halloween costumes DIY is often the best route to go down because it looks so charmingly cute. The simple “sheet wearing” ghost is a case in point. Simply draw a ghostly face on a hooded baby towel and drape it over your baby for a bootiful Halloween outfit that will have everyone saying aaaahh! Our hooded baby towels would be perfect for crafting your own version of this costume, plus you can use the towel again afterwards for bathtime!

9. Hello Yoda

Halloween Costume for baby star wars yoda

The force was definitely with this baby, and it could be with yours too this Halloween. Yoda is arguably one of the cutest characters in movie history and his look is pretty easy to recreate in miniature if you’re looking for a sci-fi Halloween costume homemade and store-bought versions of which are easy to arrange.

10. Grumpy old man

Halloween Costume for baby old man

Is there anything scarier than a grumpy old man who’s set his sights on you? Is there anything cuter than a baby dressed up as a grumpy old man? The grey hair, the glasses, the walker, and the cardigan-cord combo make this Halloween costume one of the most adorable. Let’s just hope it doesn’t inspire the kid to be as crotchety as the old guys he’s paying homage to.

11. Not-so wicked witch

Halloween Costume for baby 2021 cute witch

When it comes to traditional baby Halloween costumes, you have to have a witch! This witch may be cuter than most with her infectious smile and darling tutu, but you can bet your bottom dollar that if she doesn’t get her favorite Halloween treats, she’ll be brewing up trouble and you’ll have bats in your belfry.

As you can see, when it comes to cute baby Halloween costumes, you really are spoilt for choice, so be sure to give your baby a cute and slightly sinister Halloween makeover this October 31st.

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