Baby Shower Reveal Parties – a new trend?

Baby Shower Reveal Parties – a new trend?

In the Daily Mail today, they are talking about Baby Shower Reveal cakes and their increasing popularity in the UK. We love the notion of a reveal cake at a baby shower, in fact we think they’re pretty fabulous! However, a gender reveal party? I’m not so sure….

Baby showers are all about celebrating mummy to be and offering her some love and support and plenty of useful advice to help her along the way. It’s about getting the girls together, nibbling yummy cupcakes, lots of giggles, the odd game here and there and a glass or 2 of champagne. It’s very British, it’s rather reserved and it’s lots of fun! Mum-to-be goes away feeling loved and supported and the guests go away feeling they’ve been part of something a little bit special.

Some ladies are now choosing to reveal the gender of their baby to their guests during their baby shower, which is fabulous. Unwrap a delicious cupcake to reveal pink or blue sponge and you’ve instantly got your guests attention at the delight of finding out the gender of the baby. It’s a fun way of passing on the news to your nearest and dearest if you choose to do so.

So, where do reveal parties fit in to this? We the Daily Mail article with interest and a little trepidation as we saw other people’s views on these events and their growing popularity. It seems that the parents-to-be also find out the gender of the baby at the reveal party and it’s only the cake designer who actually knows about it before-hand. The cake designer is handed an envelope from the sonographer with the ‘surprise’ news inside, she then makes a cake with a pink or blue filling and all is revealed at the party. This is a very different concept to the ‘reveal cake’ a mother-to-be slices in to at a baby shower to reveal the news to her guests. We work on the notion that the parents know this news first and have come to terms with it rather than receiving such a surprise in front of everyone. Here is a quote from the article:

“Finding out the gender of your child so publicly can put a lot of pressure on parents,’ says Netmums founder Siobhan Freegard. ‘It’s a very emotional moment and some might not be prepared for their own reaction.”….. “Telling friends is lovely, but I’d be cautious about finding out at a gender reveal party.”

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