Best Organic Baby Gifts from the UK

Best Organic Baby Gifts from the UK

You’ve probably heard of organic food. But it turns out that there are all sorts of organic baby gifts you can buy, too, many of which are available at The Baby Hamper Company!

Organic means way more than just avoiding the use of pesticides or herbicides on crops. It also means managing land in a sustainable way, reducing pollution, and using natural growing techniques. If the whole world went organic tomorrow, we would probably deal with 50 percent of the environmental issues we face or more.

Hence, when you buy luxury organic baby gifts from us, you’re helping the environment and improving the lives of families and babies.

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In this post, we take a look at some of the organic baby gifts UK shoppers love in our store. Check them out below:

Natural Massage Oils

Both mothers and babies can benefit from massage. It helps you relax, reduces tension, and eliminates some of the stress that is naturally a part of being a parent. Regular massage oils, though, aren’t always organic, meaning they could contain residues of pesticides and herbicides.

Organic massage oils are different, though. Our Organic Monkey Massage Oil is totally free from harmful toxins and so gentle you can use it on the most sensitive skin. It’s suitable for kids with eczema and made from both organic and fairtrade ingredients, supporting local farmers to continue doing their great work. What's more, we put it in a handy drop bottle so you can use it one-handed.

Organic monkey natural massage oil

All-Natural Sleeping Gowns

Many baby clothes are made of polyester, a crude oil-derived fabric made primarily of extruded PVC – not exactly good for the environment. However, our organic baby clothes are different.

Take our Baby Bunting Organic White Sleep Gown. This popular little number recently arrived from the US and is now available here in the UK. It’s made of 100 percent organic cotton, meaning that the cotton was grown without any potentially harmful herbicides or pesticides. What’s more, it comes with a bunch of features designed to make life easier for mum, including elasticated bottom and top necklines, helping with changing. You just pull it over your baby and you’re done. It’s that simple.

Baby Sleepgown bundler

Organic Cuddly Toys

All babies need cuddly toys, particularly when mum or dad isn’t there. Toys make infants feel comforted and are a great way for parents to make their rooms look extra cute.

Here at The Baby Hamper, we sell a range of organic toys that are designed to delight kids from birth. Take Ziggy the Zebra, for instance. This cuddly soft toy for a newborn baby is made of organic materials and sourced from a family-owned company in India. Thanks to his spritely looks, babies, and Ziggy become best friends in no time. To make things even better, Ziggy comes with interesting tactile features, encouraging young children to learn more about their environment. He’s one of a kind.

Zebra organic baby toy

Then we have an organic mouse soft toy. (Don’t worry about the generic name, we’re sure you can come up with one of your own). It is sourced from Egypt and made to high ethical standards, including fairtrade. Made of 100 percent organic cotton, it’s one of the best eco baby gifts money can buy.

Organic mouse baby toy

Lastly, our collection includes the Pebblechild owl rattle. This product, again made from 100 percent organic materials, has a rattle hidden inside and is made to high ethical standards in Bangladesh. It’s suitable for babies of all ages, making it a wonderful baby shower gift.

Organic owl baby toy

Organic Bibs

Many bibs are made of plastic or silicone. However, if you want something that’s a little friendlier to the environment, you might want to consider our organic cotton bibs. Not only are they better for the environment, but they look super cute as well.

Take our reversible striped Piccalilliy baby bib. This attractive bib features a bunny motif on the front, surrounded by carrots. Then there’s our Piccalilly Bandana Bib with red elephant print. This bib looks totally different from anything else on the market, but it is still super practical for busy parents. It offers highly absorbent fabrics and is made of 100-percent chemical-free fabric to keep your baby safe. It’s always soft and gentle on the skin.

Organic stripe baby bib

Organic elephant print baby bib

Organic Pillow Spray

Lastly, we stock organic pillow spray from Bloom & Blossom. This contains naturally-derived fragrances and scents, designed to let your baby drift off into a peaceful, blissful sleep. Scents include mandarin, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and Sicilian lavender. It is both paediatrician and dermatologist-approved. Just spray onto your baby’s bedding before they go to sleep.

Organic baby pillow spray