How to choose the best christening gifts

How To Choose The Best Baby Christening Gift

Are you looking for a Christening gift to be memorable and thoughtful? Read our guide below to choose the perfect present for a very special occasion!

One of the greatest honours in life is to be asked to be a baby’s godparent. You are the one who will introduce him/her to God, and to the Christian faith, which is something that you will cherish for the rest of your life. And, given the fact that the christening is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it is only normal you should be interested in potential Newborn baby hamper you could offer to your godson or goddaughter.

Even if you are not the godparent(s), you might be interested in finding a special gift for your recently-christened nephew or niece. Everyone in the family wants to welcome the new Christian, showering him/her with memorable gifts that he/she will appreciate with the passing of time. Perhaps you will find a special something, a present that one day, his/her children will enjoy receiving.

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What constitutes the perfect gift?

Ideally, the perfect gift is the one that speaks to the one who receives it. But, as we are talking about a newborn baby, who is just trying to make sense of the world, the process is a little bit more complicated. You will have to trust your instinct and choose something that speaks from the heart.
Whether the baby is a boy or girl, personalised baby hamper should serve as a reminder of the relationship with God. So, you need to consider only the gifts that are appropriate for such an occasion. Think about how the parents are going to use that gift and think about personalisation, as this can increase its value and ensure it will be more cherished.
Do your best to choose something that represents a keepsake, a truly unique choice that has an emotional impact on the parents of the baby. Think about the family as a whole and how they welcomed the newborn into their lives; perhaps the gift should reflect their religious upbringing or the culture the baby has been born into. Either way, make sure that you choose something appropriate.

Personalisation, a way to make any gift into a veritable treasure

A gift can be turned into a veritable treasure through a simple gesture, meaning personalisation. You can engrave a piece of jewellery, for example, a pendant or a bracelet, with a short message. The gift will be treasured by the parents and, upon growing, by the child as well.
Is your gift unique? This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself. You can certainly ensure it will be, by opting for personalised gift. Embroidered products can make all the difference in the world, allowing you to show that you really care about the newly christened baby. Anyone can offer a gift from a store, what matters is you decide on something that is more meaningful.

A photography shoot to mark the special day of the Christening

If you want to offer the perfect gift, you might consider a baby photography shoot. An experienced photographer will take photos of the special event, preserving the memory of that day. You can then go ahead and frame some of these photographs, or request a photo album to be created. Everyone will fondly remember the Christening, thanks to your special gift. Parents might decide on which photos to be framed and displayed, as a reminder of the ceremony. Consider usefulness before making a final choice
There are many Baptism gifts which are sweet and sentimental, but not as useful in terms of practicality. The trick is to find something that makes an impact on the parents of the baby, while maintaining a certain degree of usefulness. A special gift, one that will be cherished for many years to come, is a money box. For instance, a keepsake gift money box is a beautiful choice, and a constant reminder of the bond between the godchild and the godparent.

A gift in relation to God

When a baby is baptised, it is said that he/she has a clean slate to start his/her life. In offering a gift to a new Christian, you might want to think about the meaning of the event and do your best for the respective offering to bear somehow a connection to God. Perhaps you can include a religious message, reminding everyone how important it is to be welcomed into your family’s religion and way of life.
You have complete liberty to decide on the message but you might mention the unconditional love God has for all of His children, or opt for a favourite verse that is indicative of this love. The message can be engraved or handwritten, but make sure that it is not too long. A few, simple words can convey your meaning, and you can always include the Christening date, as a beautiful reminder.

Quality above all else

Online stores are filled to the brim with gifts to offer for christening events, and it can be hard to make a final decision. So, in organising your thoughts and trying to choose a gift, take quality into consideration. Use it as a primary decisive factor, as you want the gift offered to last for a long period of time. The higher its quality, the longer it will be present in the child’s life and that is what matters the most.

A couple of ideas for you to consider

Aside from the photography shoot idea, you might consider keepsake or musical boxes, monogrammed blankets, porcelain christening bowls, display pieces with the name initial and christening date, personalised jewellery, keepsake dolls, photo albums for the first year of life, baby blankets and personalised money boxes.
In conclusion, these are some recommendations on how to choose the best christening gift. Remember that your gift must come from the heart and bear a unique meaning to the newborn baby, and his/her family. Choosing a gift that speaks of God is always a good idea, and personalisation will help you make a genuine difference whereas the uniqueness of the gift is concerned.


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